Solid wood worktops look fantastic in any home and, here at Kitchen Warehouse, we are big fans.

You might have heard the myths around wooden worktops – like they’re impractical or that they can fade and discolour with age. Black mould gathering around the kitchen sink is another issue reported regularly. However, the problem is not with the material of the worktops, but rather with how it is treated!

Simply making sure you oil your solid oak worktop correctly quashes all these issues. In this blog, we will explain this simple process and prove just how easy it is to keep your wooden worktops looking as good as new for years to come.

How Often Should You Oil Wooden Worktops?

You’ll be glad to know that oiling your wooden kitchen worktops isn’t a time-consuming task. Our experts recommend that you oil your solid wood worktops 3 to 4 times a year. By doing it this, your ensuring your worktops are getting the treatment they need to stay in the best condition possible.Wooden Worktops

Want to oil your worktops more frequently? No problem – you can do it whenever you think it’s necessary – but every 3 months should be sufficient to offer full protection and keep them looking as good as new.

The kitchen worktop oil hardens in the surface fibres of the worktop timber to keep your worktop in top condition. It acts as an effective deterrent against bacteria growth and moisture spoiling the wood. Oiling your worktops promotes water resistance and will prevent nay warping while enhancing its natural appearance.

What not to use on solid wood

Before we share with you an effective way of oiling your worktops, we want to tell you what not to use!

Avoid using olive oil to treat solid wood as not only can it take a lot longer to dry, it can actually encourage bacteria growth. Using olive oil can also create a certain stickiness to the wood which will make it harder to sand and re-treat later on in the process.

Wooden Kitchen Worktops

How To Correctly Oil Solid Wood Worktops

We recommend using wooden worktop oils such as Linseed, Tung and Danish Oil to treat solid wood. These kinds of oil work best to discourage bacteria growth and to keep your worktops in top condition.

So, how do you actually oil a solid wood worktop? It’s easy!

First, you should apply the oil directly onto the wood and use a clean soft cloth to work the oil outwards, applying a thin coat across the whole of the work surface. Luckily, the drying time is only around 10-15 minutes between coats for most oils, so you don’t have to hang around for long.  When the oil dries your solid wood worktops will have an even gleam to it.

And that’s all this quick process takes to ensure your worktops stay in great condition.

If you have any other top tips on how to oil solid worktops then please share your ideas with us. Get in touch via our contact us page, we’d love to hear what methods work for you! We can provide you with any further information you require on our range of products such as our kitchen units and kitchen doors. Call us on 01765 640 000 or reach out via

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