With December 25 just weeks away now it’s time to get in the festive spirit with a Christmas Kitchen decorating scheme.

This year, don’t just decorate the hallway and sitting room. No, make sure you bring some Christmas cheer to the kitchen as well. After all, you probably spend just as much time in the kitchen as the sitting room, considering all the meal prep and cooking that goes on.

And, taking of which, you obviously have to be careful about what you hang up in the kitchen. No-one wants the tinsel to catch fire or the brand-new star decoration to get covered in cake mix when the whisk goes awry. And then there’s the thought of pine needles from the Christmas tree landing in the soup… Fortunately, these days there is a whole host of impressive moisture-resistant, wipe-clean decorations you can buy, together with authentic-looking faux foliage.

Anyway, without further ado, here at Kitchenwarehouse, we’ve come up with this list of super-suitable kitchen Christmas decoration ideas right here:

String fairy lights along open shelving. Shelves are perfect for hanging twinkling fairy lights from. And, if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your kitchen then this is ideal too. Hang them high up so there’s no chance of anyone walking in to them. Make sure the fairy lights work with LED bulbs as these will use less energy. No-one wants a big electricity bill in January!

Hang wreaths from the ceiling. Simply put rope around a couple of wreaths and let them hang down from a ceiling beam. That way you’ll get the Christmas feel, but without them getting in the way of all the preparations for the big dinner on the day. Or, you could always hang a lovely, cheerful wreath on the inside (rather than outside) of the kitchen door. It’ll last longer that way too!

Keep tinsel and faux foliage low down. And, if you’re going high, then how about low too? String faux foliage or tinsel around the skirting on a kitchen island.

Feel Christmassy with fabric. Swap your usual tea towels and hand towels for Christmas-themed versions. If you have a dining table then cover it with a festive table cloth. Put a Merry Christmas mat in front of the door (on the inside).

Use cake stands for xmas ornaments. Christmas soldiers, angels and Rudolph can all be kept neatly together by placing them on a cake stand. Doing so also ‘elevates’ the ornaments so you’ll notice them more.

Put out Christmas candles. Yes, decorations are visual, but they can also play on our other senses too. Scented candles, for instance, are a great way of making you – and everyone who enters your kitchen – feel Christmassy. Not only that, but spiced candles with scents such as clove, cranberries and pomegranate will also cover up strong cooking smells.

Focus on the table. The dining table is usually central in a kitchen, so why not make that the focus? This is a good trick if your kitchen is on the small side and will simply look cluttered with lots of decorations. So, for this, get a festive table cloth and place a bowl of pine cones, cinnamon sticks, acorns and even dried fruit in the centre. This gives it a natural Christmas theme and may even put you in the mood for a few forest walks this winter.

Next, swap your dishes for bright red versions – or some other Christmassy theme – and put out red, silver or gold napkins. And what about adding in some festive napkin holders?

Keep colours coordinated. Yes, red and white are the colours of Christmas. But they don’t have to be. Not if your kitchen accent colour is teal or orange for instance. Or maybe your kitchen cabinets are a deep blue or lovely forest green? In which case get baubles and tinsel that match or coordinate well.

Get in touch!

Are you feeling Christmassy yet? We bet you will be if you start using any of our Christmas kitchen decorating ideas above. Thanks to Covid-19 this has been a hard year for everyone so why not make this Christmas an extra fun, family occasion? Start with the decorations and take it from there.

Meanwhile, here at Kitchenwarehouse we will be working right up to kitchen and beyond. This means that if you are planning on using the holiday season to make a few changes to your kitchen, then do get in touch. We stock an extensive range of kitchen cabinet units as well as replacement kitchen doors. Go on, take a look today at our website www.kitchenwarehouseltd.com