Thinking about it (evidentially too much) the present year of 2015 conjures up the image of some sort of weird futuristic time when robots would roam the earth and most importantly the kitchen – doing everything we need. It always seemed like it would be some space age like time of technological advance from the TV shows we’ve watched in the past. However, it’s not – homes are quite similar to the way they were in the 1980s or even the 1960s albeit in a far more convenient manner. However, no matter what sort of kitchen you have there are a number of pieces of furniture you need to have.

These pieces of furniture work extremely well with our kitchen units and we can ensure that they add a lot to your kitchen in terms of style and a little bit of quirk too. We all like to think our kitchens reflect who we are and what we love quite well and considering these little extras can make a significant difference.

Times change, trends change and your kitchen should carefully change to ensure that you choose the very best extras that will last the test of time. Our designers know what’s hot, what looks great and what is going to work for you in your kitchen and we’re more than happy to discuss this when you come to our showrooms, or by phone. So take a look at some of the nice extras we’ve suggested below and see if they fit your ideas.

Bar Stools – ideal for under centre Kitchen Units

The sleek and attractive bar stool is one of those practical and also thoroughly modern additions to the kitchen. The increasing likelihood of having a breakfast bar in the home means that people tend to have bar stools and of these the sleek; chrome sort is by far the most attractive and really is our favourite. They come in a variety of different tones and look great in the kitchen and they’re also very practical too.

An Elegant Wine Rack – Place under Kitchen Units

The wine rack is another fantastic addition and a piece of furniture that has really come on with age thanks to the increasing popularity of wine in the home. The wine rack nowadays has moved on from its quite boring pine option and modern versions are quite eye catching and also very practical. There are plenty of great looking wine racks out there and really give your kitchen that 21st century feel.


The sideboard has never gone out of style and in our opinion never will and works wonderfully with kitchen units. Even though we produce some fantastic kitchens with a whole host of fantastic storage and space, the sideboard is still a fantastic addition in our opinion. It provides space, an extra surface to work on and is the ideal spot for presenting finger food. There are all sorts available and it really is a fantastic kitchen addition.

Butcher’s Block

A great place for extra preparation and provides a strong wooden surface to chop on as well as a great area beneath for storage purposes. Most of these items are on wheels too and can be rolled around the room to wherever you need them to be. There are all sorts nowadays, with everything from rough wood to granite finishes and in addition they last the test of time.

Home Bar

In an ideal world, all homes need a home bar. The slowing down of the pub scene has mean that the home bar has seen resurgence in popularity as more and more people tend to drink at home. There’s an element of fun and also glamour of mixing cocktails at home and having a fully stocked bar. From the super simple sort to a home bar with a beer tap and vintage glass wear, home bars are as versatile and disparate as our tastes.

Instant boiling water

It seems that the days of waiting for the kettle to boil are over and there are a number of fantastic alternatives on the market.  The likes of the Quooker and others allow you the chance to have instant boiling water from a tap – meaning no more need to wait for it to boil. There are also a number of intermediary settings too allowing for different temperatures. These instant boiling water taps are a great addition and certainly something that we would recommend.

Sonos – Perfect for the Kitchen

A built in sound system can also be a lovely addition and adds that certain allure to your kitchen. If you have an open space that includes a dining area it can be a fantastic way to create a mood and allows you the opportunity to create a very high quality sound via the built in speakers. Additionally, it’s a great system to have for the avid musical loving cook. These systems are an easy and attractive way to add to your kitchen, home value and general quality of life.

These seven great items are exciting and excellent additions that can really add to your home and create the ultimate 21st century kitchen in our opinion.