If you have been looking for a classically designed kitchen for sale then you’ve come to the right place. Kitchen Warehouse have remodelled numerous kitchens in the classic fashion, creating attractive and functional work areas that are breathtaking in terms of design and also fantastic work areas.

The classic style of kitchen is elegant and attractive and also timeless, which will mean that your kitchen always looks great. We offer help and advice to ensure you can achieve this fantastic style.

So, if you’re looking for this style of kitchen and also want to ensure it will be functional – here are some of the things you should consider in our opinion.

Planning – we have a variety of kitchens for sale

Starting your kitchen by focusing on planning it in the best way possible will make a significant difference to the way your kitchen is. We believe that no great kitchen starts without a plan and because of this we spend a lot of time helping our customers designing a kitchen that will work well. It is imperative to really make as much effort as possible to plan a clean, clear kitchen when going for the classic style. This is because a lot of people tend not to realise how little ornamentation there is in a classically styled kitchen. We not only offer the bare bones kitchen units for sale, but our designers will also help you create the kitchen you want from the ground up, rather than a stock offering.

Simple Cabinetry Helps 

roma classic kitchen doors

Kitchen Cabinets for Kitchen Warehouse

Classic kitchen designs tend to be quite simple and so your cabinetry efforts should be minimalistic and you should opt for the simplest style you can. This will ensure that your kitchen has that classic, attractive style that you are looking for. Too much ornamentation and extras tend to cause problems and take away from the traditional style of kitchen doors that a lot of people require.

Colour Palette

A neutral colour palette for walls, floors and cabinetry can be too busy and doesn’t tend to work well with the classic kitchen style. The high contrast of colour people tend to use in the kitchen nowadays doesn’t tend to go well with the classic kitchen style. Traditionally, colours such as beige, white, brown and cream were utilised commonly in the kitchen. These colours are attractive, simple and also work well with most décor in the home.

Minimalistic and Neutral Colours and Styles

It’s not only the colour palette that should be neutral, other elements of the kitchen should be a little less overt. One of the areas of the kitchen often overlooked that tends to add to the simplicity required in such a kitchen is the backsplash. Ensuring this is also simple and subtle will help you in creating that attractive kitchen style that anyone looking for a classic kitchen desires.

Accessorise but be Careful

A lot of people love their classic style kitchens, however, they then like to add a little excitement by adding kitchen accessories. There is absolutely nothing wrong with adding colourful accessories in the kitchen, however, the one thing that you need to be aware of is that you don’t add too many. If you do so then your kitchen will end up feeling crowded and squashed. A little moulding or a mildly elaborate design on the island will go a long way in helping your kitchen achieve the desired style.

We sell Kitchen Doors

If you’re a little bit short of money, but still would love to have the classic style kitchen, then one good way to do so is to replace the kitchen doors rather than the whole kitchen. Needless to say, we provide full kitchen designs and alongside this, we also happily provide replacement doors to fit kitchens of different styles and shapes. These replacement doors tend to be less costly than a new kitchen and hence are ideal for those with lower budgets. With a little innovation and imagination, then you can manage to really make your kitchen standout and look attractive in a simple, classic manner.


Kitchen Doors for Kitchen Warehouse

One of the things that a classic kitchen should ideally have is lots of light. This often means choosing lighter colours for surfaces. From light coloured floors to light tones on work surfaces, a classic kitchen can really benefit from a brighter colour. We can help you decide on the colour and textures that would work well with your kitchen design when you come to visit us.

We take great pride in offering the people that come to us and our customers the best sort of service possible and also ensure that they get the most from their kitchens. That’s why we sit down and discuss the options available to them.

A kitchen is for living in, working in and cooking in and people wanting to invest in a quality kitchen will see that we go to notable efforts to help them and to ensure their kitchens and homes are as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.

If you want to get more from your kitchen, want help designing it, or want to talk about your options – then please get in contact us.