Back in the 20th century, bright kitchens were the standard look in many UK homes. For the majority, the mantra was the brighter the better! As we have moved towards modern trends, the range of colours that are seen in kitchens has shrunk massively, but this isn’t to say that there is not a lot of choice when it comes to painted kitchen ideas! Dark painted kitchens are hugely popular today, in fact, they are becoming a genuine competitor to the lighter shades that we were all used to.

With this in mind, many people looking to renovate their kitchen are wondering whether they should go down the avenue of a light coloured space or something that is darker. Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we thought we would help you reach an informed decision, so you have a clearer picture in mind when it comes to looking for your ideal kitchen doors and units.

Light painted kitchens

One of the reasons why many people opt for painted kitchens is their versatility. For example, if you are dead set on a green hue, great! You can now decide on something darker or go for a lighter shade. But what particularly sets light painted kitchens apart from darker ones?

It is often said that a brighter space makes it appear larger, which is ideal for kitchens that are perhaps on the small side! It helps complement the natural light that floods in through your windows. Having light situated throughout your room not only makes your kitchen more appealing to both yourself and visitors, but can also improve your mood and wellbeing.

Instead of using artificial light most of the time – which could be contributing to a hefty electricity bill – choosing brighter painted kitchen units and doors ensure that you can utilise the natural light from outdoors, especially in the summer months.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we offer many different shades of light painted kitchens on site. Be sure to check them out now! They are available in a range of designs and sizes so you can get to work on creating your ultimate bright coloured kitchen.

Darker painted kitchens

You may think you have seen the light, but have you considered a kitchen on the dark side? Despite what the metaphor suggests, there are also many benefits to this section of the palette that is growing in popularity year on year. These darker colours are filled with a rich depth, giving your kitchen an expensive and classy look.

We’re not suggesting that you go for a full dark look here, as that can often make your room feel cramped, but you can perfectly complement darker kitchen units with brighter walls for a standout look.

The contrast between light and dark is one that is being used by more and more homeowners, with the dark coloured doors often taking the role as the protagonist, leaving the lighter walls and worktops to play second fiddle.

Whether you are thinking of modernising your traditional looking kitchen with something completely different or adding the finishing touches to your perfect design, we’re sure the range of dark painted kitchens from Kitchen Warehouse will give you something to think about!

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