The desire for a painted kitchen has always been strong. But since people have started to push the boundaries even more with their interior décor, there has been a bigger shift towards painted kitchens in order to achieve the exact colourway they have in mind. Perhaps you’ve seen something in a magazine you wanted to emulate? Or a kitchen renovation on Grand Designs has caught your eye? More than likely, they will have incorporated painted kitchen ideas to make their hue one that is in line with the rest of their home, or something that is completely different from the norm.

With painted kitchens, you are able to literally start from a blank canvas, which is what makes them so appealing and intriguing. Who wants to be limited in how their pride and joy can look? After all, you are the ones living there, and having to look at the same 4 walls every day! With this in mind, people spend a lot of time deliberating over which shade of green, red, blue, grey, brown, yellow, cream… (you get the idea!) they want to complete their ideal kitchen.

Which is where Kitchen Warehouse comes in…

This guide offers you all you need to know about painted kitchens. So, when you come to browse our large selection, you’ll be able to approach this important decision with accuracy and logic – ensuring you fall in love with said colour choice for many years to come!

Why are painted kitchens so popular?

It will come as no surprise when we tell you the key to the popularity of painted kitchens worldwide. The fact they are so easily adaptable means that you can make a home for them no matter what colour you have in mind. Their simplicity means there will always be a shade available, whether you require pink, purple or orange! Ok, maybe not those colours in particular, but you get the idea.

These days, they are made in a way that is cost effective, meaning the difference between such a finish and its high gloss or solid wood counterparts is minimal. It is very easy to achieve painted cabinet ideas by using this finish to your advantage.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we very much take advantage of the versatile nature of this kind of kitchen, as we look to provide our customers with a plethora of options for them to choose from. If you have an idea in mind you can always head over to our store now to browse through our full range of kitchen units and doors.

Painted kitchen ideas

As we have alluded to, there are many painted kitchen ideas you can choose from. The choice is well and truly yours when it comes to this kind of kitchen finish. You can use a consistent colour theme – perhaps a shade you have always wanted to implement in your kitchen – or you can draw inspiration from other kinds of kitchen to combine them into a final look you are completely happy with.

Painted design aspects can be implemented anywhere in your kitchen, so you can be afforded a pop of colour or a theme that runs consistently throughout. Be sure to check out our dedicated blog post on this so you can see exactly where kitchen paint design can fit in your room.

Popular colours to use for a painted kitchen

Now that you’re set on your overall idea, it’s time to get to the fun bit, which is deciding on what colours to use. In reality, kitchen doors can be painted in whatever colour you see fit, which is why many people opt for this way of completing your kitchen look. A painted kitchen really is your opportunity to stamp your personality on your kitchen, a room that you will more than likely use on a daily basis! Choosing the colour that you take forward is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Our blog post on the most popular colours for painted kitchens shouldn’t be taken as gospel, but if you are unsure of a colour that fits your ideal look, it can certainly offer you a few helpful ideas!

We often see green, red and grey as the most popular colours for kitchen décor; if you have something like this in mind, we might be able to give you the inspiration you need!

Green painted kitchens

How many colours does Kitchen Warehouse offer?

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, one of the aspects of our complete kitchen doors and units range that we pride ourselves on the most is the sheer volume of choice we have on offer. We understand the importance of finding your ideal kitchen storage colour, which is why we look to make our selection as extensive as possible!

Not only do we have a huge range of colours available for you to browse until your heart is content, but there are also a variety of styles for you to choose from too. If you haven’t gathered already, we’re as good as guaranteeing that you will find your new kitchen layout and ideal colour on our website, such is the amount of choice we have available.

We have found this is what attracts customers to our company, as they are able to compare different colours and styles with ease, before making an informed decision on the ideal fit for their kitchen.

Painted kitchen units and doors

The fact of the matter is at Kitchen Warehouse we are proud to specialise in the supply of kitchen cabinets and doors. We feel that they are most definitely a kitchen essential when it comes to storage and maintaining the overall look of your kitchen.

To supplement your kitchen paint design, we offer a range of units and doors that are fit for a range of perfect painted kitchens. These include painted solid wood kitchen units and doors to match, available in a diverse range of colours that will definitely fit in with the theme that you have in mind.

The hugely popular Smooth Shaker range also offers painted kitchen units and doors available in many shades to facilitate your creativity. What’s more, the Florence and Georgia range both have a variety of colours to choose from, so make sure you spend time evaluating each to see how they will fit in your own perfect design.

Check out our blog post that showcases our range of painted kitchen doors and kitchen units in detail so you can make a more informed judgement.

How painted cabinets can transform your kitchen

The beauty of painted kitchens is easy to see. So it is no surprise that they are a popular choice for homeowners that are looking to spruce up the look of their space. Their benefits are two fold, giving you that pop of colour that you were perhaps in desperate need of, reviving an old and tired space that has looked devoid of personality for years. Here at Kitchen Warehouse, over our years as a company, we have luckily overseen many success stories of people ridding themselves of a look they are bored of and replacing it with a brand new barrage of painted kitchen ideas that brings the excitement back of being in the kitchen!

To find out more about how you can benefit from painted kitchen cabinets, be sure to read our dedicated blog post today.

Painted kitchens vs solid wood

Solid wood kitchens are also a very popular option amongst homeowners of the modern-day. They can evoke a feeling of nature and tradition in your room, no matter if your surrounding area complements this or not. Here at Kitchen Warehouse, alongside our extensive selection of painted kitchens, we also offer solid wood kitchen units and doors so you can make your judgement by comparing the two.

Available in a range of darker or lighter shades, this kind of kitchen design is one that appeals to many, giving your home a warm feel and one that invites both residents and visitors to use it as a popular space. Make sure you check out our full collection on site now.

Painted kitchens are made very similarly to their solid wood counterparts, except they are painted in a whole host of shades to fit with your ideal look. This kind of kitchen is usually best suited to those who are looking to add a creative colourway into the mix, with ample choice to suit your kitchen’s theme. Much like our solid wood collection, browse through our range today to find your favourite.

Should I paint kitchen doors myself?

If you’ve decided that painted kitchens are the way to go, then great! You’ve made a very wise choice. Many people often wonder “how hard can it be?” when it comes to painted doors, as, after all, they are just painted with a paintbrush right? In Kitchen Warehouse’s case, this is untrue.  We use the finest machinery to ensure the best possible finish so your kitchen looks the part for years to come.

If you would like to find out more about whether you can get away with painting your own kitchen doors, this blog post from Kitchen Warehouse tells more.

Are dark painted or light painted kitchens better?

One of the main dilemmas that our customers face is if they should opt for a lighter coloured kitchen or one that is darker. From bright whites to dark shades of grey, there’s a full spectrum of shades to choose from – and this is something you should think about carefully before you go full steam ahead with your new kitchen design.

Light colours are a great way of giving your room a bright feel, making the overall space look bigger as a result. This is why you usually see lighter shades utilised in small, compact kitchens. A light look works perfectly with most colour combinations, giving you a versatility that might not be found in a darker kitchen. It is worth noting, however, that lighter kitchens are notoriously harder to maintain!

Darker tones tend to give the room a more formal, richer look.  Although they can be harder to pull off, a dark kitchen can be successfully achieved with the right combinations of colours. They should be used in spaces that are well lit and spacious to achieve the best results.

Our blog post goes into both designs in detail, check it out now!

Painted Kitchen

Two-tone kitchens

One of the most on-trend painted kitchen ideas is that of the two-tone kitchen. This is a great way of letting your imagination run wild as you combine two widely different tones (or similar colours) to create a design that will appeal to all. By embracing a two-tone design, you are opening up many more possibilities – allowing you to create a space that you are fully happy with.

There are many different colour combinations to choose from. Perhaps pair white and grey solid wood or combine different shades of green to give the room a warm, natural feel. The choice is well and truly yours!

Two-tone can not only make your room more aesthetically pleasing, but it can also create the illusion of space – making your kitchen feel much bigger than its actual size. This is why this kind of kitchen paint design is so popular with those with smaller kitchens, allowing them to open up their space.

Be sure to choose your focal point carefully and we recommend using darker kitchen cabinets on the bottom of your design, with light cabinets at the top. You’ll thank us later!

How can I buy a painted kitchen?

If you feel like you have found the perfect shade of painted kitchen for you at Kitchen Warehouse, then that’s great! To go ahead with your purchase, simply scroll through our huge selection of kitchen doors or units to find the size and style that fits your needs and toggle your quantity. We will then deliver your items as quickly as possible. The timeframe can vary depending on what kind of doors and units you order, so be sure to check out our shipping and returns page for more information.

How long do painted kitchens last?

Understandably, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve made the right investment for your kitchen. Having the perfect selection of kitchen ideas is all well and good, but if you receive a flimsy product that will not last you the required time, then you will ultimately be disappointed. At Kitchen Warehouse, we ensure that we provide our customers with the best possible products, so they can fulfil their painted kitchen ideas with ease, and to a standard, they are happy with.

So, if you would like to find out more about exactly how long you should expect your painted kitchens to hold up for, then make sure you check out our blog post now.


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So, do you feel like now is the time to get fully on board with painted kitchens, if so, we can hardly blame you! Make sure you browse through each option we have available; you never know when your new favourite might appear right before your eyes.

If you are still on the fence or have any general enquiries about painted kitchens that you’d like to make before going ahead with the purchase, then contact the friendly team at Kitchen Warehouse today! We will gladly discuss all things kitchens with you, giving a clearer picture of what exactly you are buying into.

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