Kitchen Trends 2024: What’s On Trend For The Year Ahead?

If you’re thinking about remodellng your kitchen this year, you’ll want to know what the big kitchen trends of 2024 are going to be.

So, we have put together a comprehensive guide to give you all the information, tips, and insights you could ever need to keep ahead of the curve in 2024.

This is the lowdown on all the latest trends in the kitchen world!

From colours, finishes and shapes to textures and materials, we’ll give you the rundown on what the kitchen experts and interior designers are saying will be popular and on trend in the coming year.

Kitchen trends 2024

What’s Hot And What’s Not In the Kitchen in 2024?

Before we get into the finer details of the kitchen trends for the year ahead, let’s first try and sum things up in a nutshell.

Firstly, kitchens will continue to be more like an extension of the family home and feel like an extra living space, rather than the old-fashioned – and now extremely dated – idea of the kitchen being a utilitarian space for food prep and to cook in.

Contemporary seating in the kitchen

A Space That Is Less Focused On Functionality

Although the kitchen remains a space that must be functional and practical, experts believe that the kitchen will become more like any other room in the home.

The dazzling technology that continues to develop at a frenetic pace will take care of those practical and functional concerns – making our lives easier all the time.

Meanwhle, we look set to bring more art, antiques and comforting elements into the kitchen to make it more of a homely space.

What’s The Biggest Kitchen Trend For 2024?

2024 is going to be all about bold colours, statement lighting, and tactile textures and surfaces.

Kitchens will open-up to more nature-inspired palettes, such as green. The outdoors will be brought indoors with more herbs and plants taking pride of place in the kitchen.

The trend for natural materials and natural patterns will continue with backsplashes, bench tops, and flooring.

What’s Going Out Of Style In 2024?

Experts predict that the coming year will see less demand for all-white and more muted kitchens.

This is because homeowners are now embracing the bold and colourful in their homes.

Of course, that’s not to say that a white kitchen is no longer popular – a white kitchen is a perennial favourite that always has visual appeal. It will never go out of fashion.

It’s just that – at the moment – bolder colours, such as greens, greys and blues are de rigeur.

Painted Kitchens And Islands Are In Demand

Painted kitchen cabinets and coloured kitchen islands will be in high demand.

Plain white tiles will be swapped more and more for textured and 3D design styles to create visual interest.

Painted kitchen island

What Colours Are In For 2024?

Having already established that bold colour tones are very much in for 2024, let’s unpack this a little more…

Looking across what the experts are saying about current colour trends, you are struck by how often one colour is mentioned above all else again and again.

What is the colour?

The colour is green.

Sage green kitchen design

Will Green Cabinetry Be Popular This Year?

Very much so!

Green cabinet doors will undoubtedly be very popular this coming year.

Whether it’s shaker style kitchens or high gloss handleless cabinet doors that you choose, you won’t go wrong with a shade of green.

What’s Behind The Green Resurgence?

Driving the popularity of green as a kitchen colour are two key factors:

  1. The trend for natural looks and the idea of ‘bringing the outside in.’
  2. The trend for bolder, darker tones in general.

Green Is The Bold Option That Works Brilliantly

Green is definitely flavour of the month – or the year, rather – and it’s the colour’s versatility and ability to look great on walls, cabinets, and tiles alike that are central to its appeal.

Green has taken pride of place in all the top design and tile trade shows across Europe recently.

As the equivalent to the fashion modelling catwalk, this shows that the next logical step is that the colour will become a recurring theme in our homes.

Will Earthy Tones Will Be Popular This Year?

Most definitely! From earthy greens to warming wood tones, anything that mimics nature and gives a natural feel will help you create a totally on-trend design for your 2024 kitchen look.

Move Over Neutral Kitchens – Your Time Is Up

Any interior designer would tell you the message is that neutral tones our out – and warmer, earthier tones are in.

The mood for the colour palette of 2024 is cosy and inviting – an interior design where textures add depth.

The kitchen trends of 2024 call for a warm ambience, with golds, deep reds and greens tipped to be at the forefront.

Contemporary styling ideas

Cosy Tones Replace Cooler Tones

It’s now on-trend to go for a cosy colour scheme instead of the cooler tones, such as greys, that have dominated kitchen interior design in recent years.

Anything that blends comfort and style seamlessly will be the look of 2024.

Homeowners are expected to have more confidence with colour this year.

Colour will become a striking focal point in more places across the kitchen, from cabinetry to open shelving to the kitchen island or backsplash tiles.

Stone kitchen design

The Latest Trend – Colour Blocking

If you want to unleash the interior designer within you, why not be bold with colour blocking.

A colour block can be especially effective if the kitchen is a part of an open plan space that is connected to the dining space or living room.

A block of colour = a big boost in personality and character!

Colour blocking in open plan space

Go Dark – The Rise And Rise Of Black

Just to reassure you that current kitchen trends are wide and varied and not one-dimensional and narrow, layers of blackwill continue to be popular in 2024.

In contrast, to the earthy, warming, and cosy ambience and inviting atmosphere that many interior designers will laud for the coming year, the message is that it’s also more than okay to go dark and introduce layers of black into your kitchen.

Black in the kitchen introduces a touch of drama and moodiness to the space. When thoughtfully executed, black in an interior design can create an impact like no other colour.

Whether it’s with the clean contemporary styles of the flat-panel designs of handleless kitchen cabinets or black stone countertops, black will continue to impress.

An alternative is a block of black for your backsplash tiles to create an eye-catching focal point.

Black kitchen appliances are another on-trend choice.

For my ideas about appliances, check out our blog: How To Choose The Perfect Appliances For Your Ideal Kitchen.

Cartmel modern kitchen

2024 Kitchen Trends – Our Colour Conclusions

The trend for bold, colourful kitchens continues to gain momentum. This marks a shift away from more traditional and neutral tones.

Bold colour is seen as a way of adding character and personality to a kitchen design.

The allure and appeal of dark cabinetry remains but honourable mentions in any round-up of any colour trend list for 2024 must include the likes of buttery yellows and pistachio-inspired greens.

And Some Colours Never Go Out Of Style…

Finally, about colour, it’s important to bear in mind that some colours simply never go out of style.

Natural colour palettes never go out of fashion because of their versatility and timeless nature. It’s just that the trend is now – at the very least – to introduce bright pops of colour into the space as well.

If you daren’t go for bold colours with your cabinets, backsplashes, and walls, a genuine alternative is to add bright accessories or artwork. These can be easily removed, reshuffled, or replaced as you see fit – when your mood, taste, (or the fashion) changes.

Timeless kitchen style

Accessories, Storage And Hardware

As our needs for the kitchen evolve and develop – and it becomes more a living space rather than simply a working space – flexible freestanding furniture can play an important part of a kitchen’s design.

Freestanding furniture can be multi-functional and it is also a way of keeping up with the trends of 2024 without having to start from scratch.  Not only that, it’s a way of mixing things up and blending styles in a modern kitchen.

The trend is to blend some of the kitchen furniture and accessories with the rest of the house.

Add Personality To The Kitchen With Open Shelving

A great way to stamp your own personality on your kitchen is open shelving.

Open shelves give you extra storage space, of course. However, more storage isn’t really the primary function of open shelves. They also provide the opportunity to add ornamental items or art that reflects your personality and style.

It’s another way to create a homely feel that moves the kitchen on from the idea that it is simply a cooking area.

Add personality to the kitchen

In 2024, the kitchen can be whatever you want it to be.

If you want to mix contemporary and classic in your kitchen design, that’s fine.

What’s more, it’s even on trend to do so!

Beverage station in kitchen

Beverage Stations, Appliances And Gadgets

Technology continues to develop apace, and the trend for large stainless steel fridges will continue in 2024. A mini fridge and refrigerator drawers are other trends for the year ahead.

Of course, energy efficiency is an important consideration. You also want appliances that are low-maintenance.

And, naturally, you’ll want them to look good too.

Cabinets and appliances alike look superb with glass doors. It provides an easy to clean surface as well as a stunning appearance.

What About Aluminium Hardware?

Aluminium hardware is gaining in popularity, not least because of the recyclable nature of the material.

As homeowners are worrying more about their carbon footprint and the environmental impact, this is a trend that looks set to run and run.

It is likely to trend for years to come as a finishing choice, both in grey and black.

As we look to open up the kitchen space, we now have a place for a dedicated beverage station, wine cooler, and coffee machine.

It is part of the trend that sees the kitchen becoming as much a comfortable space as a working space.

Remember, kitchens are far much more than cooking spaces!

Faucets And Finishes

When it comes to faucets and finishes, the message is that trends are still dominated by stainless steel – perfect for the ultra-modern look that many homeowners crave for their kitchen design.

But gold faucets are growing in popularity too.

And there are also design trends emerging for brass and unlacquered styles too.

Indeed, the latest preference of designers is to move from polished brass to vintage, aged brass instead.

Brass faucet

Islands And Lighting

Unsurprisingly, kitchen islands are still very much in for 2024. But the latest design trends for kitchen islands is for them to be round.

If you think about it, this makes perfect sense.

Why does an island need to have corners?

Curves and rounded edges are far more fun, friendly, and great for the family and for socialising.

When it comes to lighting, the light features you choose right across the kitchen are important. From task lighting to mood lighting, it all has an important part to play in creating the right mood.

Make A Statement With Architectural Pendants

You have the chance to have a bit of a fun with the lighting for your island.

Architectural pendants look set to overtake the usual lighting feature choice for over kitchen islands –  drop pendants.

The perfect new way to make a statement!

Why Not Try A Countersplash?

Any principal designer in 2024 will tell how important countersplashes can be.

White marble and quartz are great choices for backsplashes.

Durability, resistance to heat – and a great look.

What more could you ask for?

Conclusion – Things To Consider About Kitchen Trends 2024

So, there you have it – as much Kitchen Trends 2024 information as we could pack into a single blog!

We hope you now have all the inspiration you need, whether you are planning to design your new kitchen from scratch – or you just want to refresh and remodel the space to keep up with all the latest design trends.

There are lots of design elements to think about, from choosing the right layout and design style of cabinets for your day-to-day needs to picking the best appliances for your family’s lifestyle.

Now you can be your very own creative director for your new kitchen design!

Modern kitchen

Create A Kitchen Space That You Love

Splashbacks, worktops, lighting… the list goes on.

This is why we have tried to cram in as many ideas as possible into this blog. We want you to create a space that you trulylove.

Final Tips

If you are thinking about adding value to your home for a potential resale in the near future, it’s always a good idea to keep current trends in mind.

It’s common knowledge that it’s a false economy to spend a lot of money on an unusual, unique kitchen particular to your own personal taste – especially if you are looking to sell your property anytime soon.

It’s far, far wiser to choose a look for your kitchen that has universal appeal.

And there’s no better way to do that than to make sure that your kitchen is bang on trend!

If you want to get the ball rolling on your new kitchen project, why not get in touch with the Kitchen Warehouse team?