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1. Go Handleless – the most modern kitchen style around

So, what is most modern style of kitchen? If you want the most ultra-modern of all contemporary kitchen ideas, you simply have to go for High Gloss Handleless Kitchen Doors.

Nothing screams modern sophistication and contemporary style quite like a handleless kitchen.

Characterised by their lack of conventional handles, handleless doors fit perfectly in any modern kitchen with their stunning, sleek, and streamlined look.

Join the Handleless Revolution

The embodiment of modern kitchen decor, the handleless design blends functionality and style like no other kitchen door design.

The ‘true handleless’ style utilises integrated handles that deliver clean lines – ideal for contemporary style – and easy access to your cabinets and drawers.

Shaker kitchen

2. Introduce a Timeless Classic – Stylish Shaker

If subtle sophistication is what you are looking for, modern kitchens look brilliant when they are fitted out with a timeless classic – Shaker Kitchen Doors.

This is a style that never went out of fashion and is the perfect choice for any modern kitchen. You are guaranteed contemporary style in abundance whenever you opt for a Shaker door.

A luxurious and modern take on a traditional favourite

If you want a luxurious look for your kitchen doors, the fittingly-named Luxury Shaker Kitchen Doors have to be your go-to choice.

And for a contemporary twist, Modern Shaker Kitchen Doors are hard to beat.

3. High Gloss – has to be seen to be believed

Of all of our modern kitchen ideas, the option that really has to be seen to be believed is a High Gloss Kitchen.

If your existing kitchen doors are looking a bit tired and old-fashioned, you can transform your kitchen into a truly modern one with the almost futuristic look of high gloss.

One of the best options if you are limited on natural light in the kitchen is a high-gloss kitchen, which will bounce light around the space.

high gloss

High Gloss and Handleless – The Perfect Combination

With super-clean lines, high gloss is the perfect accompaniment for a handleless door.

The super-streamlined style of a handleless design is convenient and a contemporary classic at the same time.

Nothing looks better on the front of a kitchen island, and if you blend it with stainless steel and integrated appliances, the effect will be truly eye-catching.

High gloss creates genuine visual interest.

4. Paint a picture with a Solid Wood Kitchen Door

If high gloss is a little too ultra-modern for your taste, why not try our Solid Wood Painted Handleless Kitchen Doors?

Solid wood might have connotations of the classic and the traditional rather than modern kitchen ideas, but solid wood painted doors are designed with busy modern family living in mind.

That’s why painted solid wood kitchen doors are so popular in contemporary kitchen design.

traditional kitchen

Blend Classic with Contemporary

Modern kitchen units look irresistible in painted solid wood.

You can elevate your kitchen cabinets to a different level.

Painted solid wood doors are a staple of contemporary design, and these doors are also incredibly durable.

black kitchen

5. What about a Jet Black or Monochrome kitchen?

If you can’t decide what colour to choose for your updated modern kitchen, you could opt for a combination of two colours in your contemporary kitchen design.

Using two colours has become a popular ingredient in modern kitchen designs now that there are so many colour choices available on the kitchen door market.

The two-tone approach is a growing trend for modern kitchens. It allows you to use bold colour without it totally dominating the space.

But the hottest two-tone ticket in contemporary kitchen design right now is an old favourite – monochrome.

A monochrome kitchen can easily be your dream kitchen. Units in white and a black island work superbly – or vice versa. The clean lines are a winner either way.

In a smaller space, you might consider black base doors with a run of white doors at the higher level.

Stainless steel appliances are a great choice to add a further note of contrast.

And if you are feeling bold, Jet Black doors throughout the kitchen can be stunning and very eye-catching.

white kitchen

6. White – still the number one colour choice

Want to know what the most popular colour is for modern kitchens?

It’s totally timeless… white.

Of course, nothing is better at accentuating the natural light you have in the kitchen. And whether you combine it with natural materials, floor-to-ceiling windows, or glass-fronted cabinets, you simply can’t go wrong with white kitchen doors.

And whatever your preferred style of modern kitchen design, you’ll find a white kitchen door to match.

Matt Acrylic White Units are a stunning option. Handleless doors also look breathtaking in white.


7. Not just Matt, but SuperMatt

Sometimes, it’s all about the finish.

So, we need to talk about Matt Kitchen Doors.

Matt flat slab finish doors are finished with laser edging. Plus, they come with a state-of-the-art anti-fingerprint coating.

What’s not to like?

Discover the quality…

Why not discover the quality and check out the exact colour, tone, and finish of our modern kitchen units with a sample?

Samples are large and delivered free, normally within 2 working days.

Not only that, but the cost of up to two samples will be refunded if you place an order.

Matt finishes and modern kitchens are a match made in heaven.

Read more about our samples.

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