Finding effective storage for your kitchen isn’t always easy.

In one of the more recent Kitchen Warehouse blog posts, we looked at whether or not pull-out larder units offer good storage and this week we want to compare to types of kitchen units storage – magic corners and le-mans corners.

If you have a small kitchen and are pushed for space, then these two options can provide much need storage. In fact, they are beneficial to any kitchen design. Before we look at whether magic corners or le-mans corners are better we need to first find out what they are.

What Are Magic Corners & Le-Mans Corners?

Magic corner units are very common, especially in new kitchens with a tight blind corner. They usually have 4 trays, 2 of which are attached to the door and 2 attached to the unit itself. This provides a good example of a magic corner unit.

A le-mans corner unit is made up of 2 to 4 trays which come out of unit and let you have extendable storage. This is a good example of a le-mans unit in action and they can generally hold 25 kg of weight on each shelf.

Now that we know what magic and le-mans corners are, let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

Key Features of Magic Corners

Magic corners make great use of the available space in the kitchen. These square units are perfectly suited to square cabinets and offer easy access to the items that you have stored in the unit. You will see with these units how smooth and quick their operation is as well.

That being said, magic corners do have some downsides. While they are great to increase storage space and provide access to items in the kitchen, they can be more expensive than le-mans corners. As they use a multitude of moving parts then they are liable to break down more than le-mans units although you do get a more ‘automatic’ function in that all the tray come out at once and you don’t need to pull any out yourself.

Key Features of Le-Mans Corners

Le-mans corner units also make very good use of kitchen cabinets with limited space and they tend to be less expensive than other pull-out storage system. If you are budget conscious, then this is an effective method to increase your storage options. They are also stable with limited moving parts which reduces the chances of anything breaking.

There are some drawbacks to le-mans corners. For example they don’t provide as ‘automatic’ a solution as magic corners as you usually need to open the door and then pull the unit out yourself.  While they are generally cheaper than magic corners, le-mans corner are a bit more expensive than a lazy Susan cabinet.

So, Magic Corners or Le-mans Corners?

A lot of it comes down to your budget and how many items you need to store. Le-Man’s corners are the cheaper version and they can often hold more weight as well. Magic corners, while being slightly more expensive, have a much more ‘automatic’ feel to them as everything is done in one step whereas with the le-mans corners you need to manually pull the cabinet trays out.

Do you have magic corners or le-mans corners? What do you think of them?

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