As we are all spending more time in our homes right now, it’s easy to start to notice the little niggles that, when we are leading busy lives it can be easy to overlook. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, this is often a place where we find little faults that make it a less enjoyable place to be.

Imperfections, badly fitted kitchen drawers or cabinets, or just an awkward layout can really start to grate if you are using your kitchen more than usual while staying at home, so it may be that now is the time to consider items that you may wish to upgrade.


Upgrade your kitchen at an affordable cost

Buying an entirely new kitchen can be an expensive undertaking. As a Kitchen Warehouse offer you the opportunity to purchase units directly online at an affordable cost. As a kitchen manufacturer who sells to both trade and the public at trade cost, we can help you to revamp you existing kitchen without having to spend a fortune.

Additionally, thanks to the fact that we offer full kitchens, replacement doors and kitchen accessories, you can choose to just upgrade areas of your kitchen that you are unhappy with, or get a new look, without having to replace the kitchen in its entirety. And we have a wide range of kitchen types and colours. So whether you love the Shaker look, want to be right up to date with black gloss, or favour curved edges and clean lines, you’ll find your perfect kitchen here.


Replacement kitchen doors

Our kitchen cabinets can be subject to a lot of wear and tear – after all, they are constantly in use. With our replacement kitchen doors, you can choose to update your kitchen, giving it a completely new look without the need to replace carcasses as an increased cost.

Older kitchen doors can start to see issues when wood starts to warp or bend, putting pressure on hinges and resulting in kitchen doors that no longer properly fit, or fail to open and close properly. The great news is that, with Kitchen Warehouse, this needn’t mean that you have to stump up for a totally new unit – our replacement kitchen doors allow you to update old and tired doors.

Add more storage to your kitchen

Social distancing and self-isolation has meant relying more heavily on having long-lasting dried good than we perhaps would have before. Additionally, restrictions around how often we can get out to the shops mean that those who usually shop “little and often” may now have to turn to getting a larger shop that will last for longer.

This, in turn, can lead to storage issues, particularly for those with smaller kitchen spaces. However choosing clever kitchen cabinetry can help to make what is currently dead space into an area you can utilise. Choosing items such as corner units, high boxed units, or kitchen units with bi-fold doors helps you to add unit space.

Clever accessories can practically double your available storage – and make it easier to access. Think corner mechanisms for hard to reach units and larder pull-outs that give further areas to put those much needed dried goods.


Refresh your look

If you are spending more time in the kitchen than usual, it may be that you’re in the mood for a change. Choosing our replacement doors allows you the freedom to make an upgrade. Always yearned for an existing colour combination? Take a look at our graphite kitchen doors which bring drama to any space. Want something functional and long-lasting? Handleless kitchen units with soft close functions give a clean look while also being able to withstand everyday use – ensuring you have a great looking kitchen for a long time to come.

Additionally, our complete kitchen units are offered to you at a great price and you can be in charge of the design. You can even download our very own kitchen planner and watch our video that helps you to plan your kitchen space to your exact requirements. No need for long design consultations with pushy salesmen, and no extra hidden costs.


Green Kitchen CabinetsWhy Choose Kitchen Warehouse?

Kitchen Warehouse are proud to offer great kitchens at an affordable price. You can buy directly online, and, as such can have a brand new kitchen in a relatively short time frame. Many of our kitchen units can be delivered within 14 days, so no lengthy wait.  Whether you are choosing to buy a completely new kitchen, or just looking to update your kitchen doors, we have a huge range of well made, stunning looking kitchen cabinetry.

We pride ourselves on our service and are committed to ensuring that all of our customers have a great experience when purchasing through us.

Get in touch using our  online enquiry form or by emailing us at You can also give us a call on 01765 640 000 for a conversation with one of our team.