What is the Best Type of Kitchen for Rental Properties?

kitchen design for rental property

If you are a property owner or landlord looking to find tenants, there is a balance to be struck. You want the property to entice potential renters and look great, obviously.

However, you also need to be mindful that any improvements you make may not add substantially to either the rental value – or the future sell-on value of the property.

The Best Kitchen for Rental Properties? Look at it With a Business Eye

If you are considering purchasing a new property to add to your rental portfolio, it is important that you look at it purely with a business eye. A lot will depend on the type of property; where the property is located, and what type of renter it is likely to attract.

For example, a four-bedroom house in a good school catchment area is likely to attract families rather than young professionals. If this is the case, it’s probably wise to focus your energy and investment on communal spaces, such as the lounge and kitchen, and areas such as the garden.

Young professionals in a city-centre apartment might be looking for a kitchen fitted with all the latest gadgets and technology.

However, a property in a student area will require a different focus. Here, the kitchen probably just needs to be practical and functional.

In a competitive rental market, you need to get it right.

The Kitchen is King…

It’s true that the best type of kitchen for rental properties is not necessarily the best type of kitchen you might choose for your own home. In many ways, it is a different proposition altogether.

Most prospective tenants are just looking for a well-equipped kitchen that’s easy to keep clean and tidy without too much trouble.

… Regardless of the Property

However, even though you don’t need to spend a fortune or go overboard with the high specification details, don’t forget that the kitchen is still king. Whatever style of kitchen it is that best suits a property, if it is to meet the demands of the rental market, the kitchen must be robust, contemporary, easy-to-clean, and offer plenty of storage solutions.

Practicality and Durability

The kitchen, as the proverbial heart of the home, is a space that is going to be busy and well-used. The fittings and the décor that you select need to be practical, durable, and hard-wearing. Strong base units with solid doors and quality hinges are the order of the day.

You’re also best off going for a countertop surface that won’t show marks too easily, and that is heat resistant. Sometimes, it’s worth spending more on something that will stay looking good for a longer period of time.

kitchen design for rental property

Best Kitchens for Rental Properties

While there are a lot of variables to consider when thinking about the best type of kitchen for rental properties, there issome commonality. There are a few basic principles which are worth sticking to. Firstly, use specialist kitchen paint for the walls and ceilings. This is, generally, a little bit more expensive than standard room paint. However, the extra layer of protection it gives against stains and mould.

Splashbacks and Flooring

The splashbacks in the kitchen should be easy-to-clean and can simply be wiped with a cloth.

The area behind the hob and the sink are the most important. For the kitchen to keep looking in a good condition, you will probably need to redecorate every 3 to 5 years.

In terms of choice of flooring, a medium to dark toned tiled floor is usually the best choice. This should last well and be easy to clean. Additionally, if you opt for a darker colour, it will conceal the marks and stains that will naturally occur through day-to-day use over time.

modern apartment with contemporary kitchen

What about Appliances?

In terms of fittings and electrical equipment for a well-equipped kitchen, all prospective tenants are likely to expect at least an oven and hob, fridge freezer, microwave, and washing machine.

Desirable extras might include a wine fridge or a coffee machine.

The cost of these types of appliances vary considerably, from a couple of hundred pounds to £1000+. As with anything these days, it is often false economy to go for the cheapest option.

The very cheapest electrical appliances may only last for a few years. You will want to keep your tenants happy and not have to deal with repair and replacement very often. A fridge freezer may not be for life, but you want it to last for more than a couple of years.

For this reason, choosing appliances for the kitchen that are mid-range in price is probably the best option.

What are the best kitchen cabinets for a rental property?

Obviously, any rental property that is going to make you money needs to have a fully functional kitchen to appeal to prospective renters. It is the everyday appliances that will get the most usage in the kitchen.

However, the focal point of any kitchen space is always the cabinets. It’s the first thing that any would-be tenant or buyer pays attention to when they enter the kitchen. And it’s certainly what will catch their eye.

best kitchens for a rental property

Cabinets Always Catch the Eye

To this end, it’s wise to choose a style that will stand the test of time and not quickly go out of fashion. Modern Shaker Luxury Shaker designs are a safe and sensible choice for a rental kitchen.

Not only will they give you the functionality and practicality that you need, but you will also get a look that always stays on trend.

As with the choice of appliances for a rental kitchen, there are also a few basic principles regarding kitchen cabinets. If you keep these in mind, you won’t go far wrong.

A Timeless Classic

Similarly, Modern Shaker or Luxury Shaker style kitchens are always a winner. Shaker cabinets have remained one of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles down the years. A genuine timeless classic, a Shaker kitchen never really goes out of style. The simple, clean design lines of a Shaker kitchen always appeals. It also retains a contemporary feel, regardless of any of the latest design trends. Our Shaker cabinets are sturdy and strong; straightforward to install; and easy to maintain and clean. It is a durable choice.

With a kitchen on rental property, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Simply, reface the fronts of the units of your existing kitchen with kitchen replacement doors. It will give the kitchen a fresh new look – all at a fraction of the price of a full kitchen refit.

Avoid fancy, ornate or unusual kitchen designs

The golden rule of home improvements for rental properties or those that you want to sell is neutrality. Gone are the days when this had to mean wall-to-wall magnolia, but it still pays to be fairly conservative when it comes to décor choices.

The same applies to kitchen cabinets. Your personal taste for something fancy, ornate or unusual in terms of kitchen design is your that – your taste. It is unlikely to be the choice of most prospective tenants. In an ideal world, it might be. But getting your choices wrong can put people off and severely affect your rental income.

You certainly don’t want to alienate anybody when they view a property. This is why white remains a sensible colour choice – although it’s by no means the only option, a white kitchen is very unlikely to offend anyone’s design sensibilities. It will suit most tenants.

Final hints

There is no single way to do things when it comes to choosing the best kitchen for rental properties.

However, the advice in this article should help you to ensure that things stay on track. A happy tenant generally means a happy landlord, so it’s sensible to give the kitchen of any rental property some careful thought. This will make all the difference and make the kitchen a valuable asset on the rental market.

At the end of the day, most tenants just want a well equipped, hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing kitchen design. Easy maintenance is more important for many tenants than expensive gadgets.

The overall effect is more important than any single element.

Be proactive when trying to choose the best kitchen cabinets for your rental property. Do your research to find the type of cabinets you would like to see in the kitchen and it will pay dividends. There is a vast selection of cabinets to choose from, so take your time.

Get in touch with the friendly, expert team at Kitchen Warehouse. We are always on hand to answer any questions you might have or to give you general advice and guidance.