One of the best things about working in home design is that styles and fashions change every year.

We see kitchen designs that come and go and at the Kitchen Warehouse, we are proud that we manage to keep up with new trends and can offer our clients up to date advice on what looks good and what doesn’t. Have a look at a kitchen that was designed in the 1990’s or even 5 years ago and you will quickly see how fast trends move.

We have compiled 3 amazing kitchen design trends for 2015 that will make sure your kitchen not only looks fashionable but is the focal point of your home.

Open Shelving And Storage

Closed off kitchen doors do have the effect of creating a minimalist look but in 2015 we are seeing a move towards opening shelving.

This not only makes the kitchen look more ‘lived in’ by displaying items that you use on a daily basis but it is also very usable and functional too. For a while, kitchen designs swayed towards keeping everything closed off but there is now a shift towards glass and open storage options.

Open shelving and storage are becoming a much more popular option for homeowners who want to transform their kitchen and it is certainly one of the trendy styles to use in 2015.

Modernity And Traditionalism

Why can’t your kitchen be both modern and traditional?

Kitchen design tips 2015

New but with a traditional charm

While this does sound like an oxymoron and is actually a very real design trend that is very popular at the minute combining modern kitchen cabinets with an more antiquated look works really well in creating a unique but classic kitchen design. Not every kitchen needs to look super modern or elegantly rustic – you can actually combine elements of both.

If you want to retain a traditional feel to one of the most important rooms in your home but update it for 2015 then we are only too happy to show you how this can be done.

Focus On The Ceiling

When designing or renovating a kitchen most people give little thought to the ceiling. Why focus on a part of the room that hardly anyone is going to bother to look up and see?

Well, why shouldn’t they raise their eyes and look at the whole room? Kitchen designs in 2015 are now putting as much emphasis on the ceiling as they are on the rest of the kitchen. Bring attention to this understated part of the room with large ceiling fans, low hanging lights and skylight windows to really open up space and create a fresh look.

Your kitchen design shouldn’t just be focused on cabinets, doors and the tiles on the floor. It should encompass the highest points of the room too.

Designing a kitchen in 2015 means thinking outside the box and taking a different route from previous years. Some trends stay around for ages and others come and go.

At the Kitchen Warehouse, we can take your outdated kitchen, provide expert advice on how to remodel it and bring your home firmly into 2015 with some great style choices.

Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you.