We’re sure you’ve heard of the “kitchen triangle” layout before. This has been commonplace in most kitchens up and down the country, but as modern kitchen design ideas have shifted, so has the typical kitchen layout, to help you reach everything you need in a way that is convenient and efficient. Ensuring you have the best kitchen layout is crucial to make sure all of your important kitchen tasks are done in a reasonable timeframe. Especially if you have a young family, you will know all too well that things can get pretty hectic in the kitchen!

With this in mind, more and more people have started accepting the notion that dividing your kitchen into zones is a better way of working than using the triangle and have started to incorporate this into their modern kitchen design. This blog will highlight what each zone is used for and how you can implement it into your own kitchen ideas.

Preparation zone

Does a day go by without preparing a meal in the kitchen? For many, this is the main reason why the kitchen is used in the first place. This is why you should pay close attention to your preparation zone, ensuring that it’s never too far away from your cooking zone. This designated area should include your cooking utensils and condiments so you can quickly access them if needed, making the preparation of food an easy process. Convenience is key with kitchen zones, so preparing your food with as little movement as possible means you’re onto a winner!

Cooking zone

This zone should be where your cooking apparatus should be kept in close proximity to each other. Your cooker, microwave and even kettle are the normal components for the cooking zone as they will likely be used in the process. This means boiling water for all of your favourite dishes, including pasta and rice, can be done in double quick time, without you having to travel the length of your kitchen with scolding hot pans. This makes sure you are working safely as well as efficiently.

Cleaning zone

None of us likes cleaning up after we’ve prepared a meal, but if you don’t have to travel very far, you’re more likely to grit your teeth and get it done! In this zone, your sink and dishwasher should be close by so this zone can be kept to a few paces. You can use this opportunity to organise that myriad of cleaning products you have under the sink into something orderly and easily accessible.

Consumables zone

You might want to think about storing all of your non-perishable foods that don’t require the refrigerator in their own designated area. These include items such as bread, cereal, herbs, spices, oils etc and can be stored on the lowest shelves of your kitchen units so they are easily attainable when they are needed.

Non-consumables zone

This area should be for your crockery and glassware and should be fairly easy to reach, as you are likely to be looking to access drinking glasses and plates swiftly when you need them. This area should ideally be close to the cleaning zone of your kitchen, so you can quickly put away dried cutlery and avoid the risk of breakages, which do happen from time to time!

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