The very best examples of kitchen design do not stop at the finish of the kitchen units, the ingenuity of the layout or the choice of worktop material utilised. The real magic is all in the clever details that may not meet the eye at first glance. Storage solutions, ingenious hygiene maintenance and practical kitchen accessories are all elements that can upgrade a good kitchen to one that is ideal for all your needs and paying close attention to these features and other hidden solutions can help to create something really revolutionary.

Sometimes, the most subtle of changes to your workspace can make the biggest difference – not only to your own enjoyment of the room but also to that of your family and visitors. A particularly popular addition that many designers are turning to in contemporary kitchen creation is that of soft close hinges. Here, Kitchen Warehouse explains a little more about this very helpful enhancement, and how it may just change the feel of your space forever.

Soft Close Kitchen Hinges

Curious as to how soft close doors work? Soft close hinges tend to be manufactured with plastic pads fitted to connect with the leaf of the door just before it touches the frame. This is to soften the impact and is assisted by an internal damper that is set at an angle and reacts when the leaf swings closed to a certain point (this point can be changed by adjusting the hinge tension). From here, the damper slows the movement of the door right down and controls it so that it simply taps shut quietly and gently.

Why Use Soft Close Hinges?

  1. A more pleasant experience

Soft close hinges are getting so popular that one day, we might find that most households have them. However, at the moment, this particular type of fitting comes as a pleasant surprise to most visitors. Soft close hinges not only impress due to the level of attention to detail they represent, but there is also something pleasurable about the elegance with which they help unit doors to glide shut with little to no assistance and greatly reduced noise!

  1. Peace and quiet

Doors slamming can add to feelings of stress, particularly in busy households. If you have multiple people doing different things all at once in the kitchen, it can be a distraction. The clattering of kitchen doors can provide a deafening and irritating backdrop to whatever you’re doing. However, with a slow close hinge, the amount of noise made is greatly reduced allowing for a much more relaxing experience in the kitchen.

  1. Safety

The safety element of soft close hinges is particularly important for households with small children, as they are particularly at risk of getting their hands trapped in the doors. However, this feature can benefit the whole family. The mechanism that the hinge is fitted to heavily reduces the speed with which your kitchen cabinets will close, more time is afforded to get hands out of the way, and the door itself will close with less force – resulting in fewer and far less serious injuries should fingers get trapped.

  1. Wear and tear prevention

Some of the furniture in your home that has heavy use daily is ultimately going to require some maintenance and possible replacement. However, because soft close hinges dramatically lessen the impact with which the leaf of each door meets its frame, the damage will be dramatically reduced and you will find that all of your fittings will stay in good condition for that little bit longer, saving you unnecessary expenses.

How Does A Soft Close Hinge Work

Where To Use Soft Close Hinges

There are numerous areas within the kitchen where you may benefit from soft close hinges. The doors of both top and base cabinets regularly get heavy use and therefore are often slammed. Soft close cabinet door hinges will work wonders here.

Because of their size, shape and weight, the doors of tall cabinets and cupboards can sometimes become lopsided because of the force with which they are opened and shut. Again, soft close hinges will help to prevent this and reduce the need to maintain these fittings.

Corner cabinets with hidden extra storage represent a relatively modern space-saving solution and will be well complemented by the addition of soft close hinges.

Drawers can fall foul of being quickly slammed, as it is not only the drawer front that is in danger of becoming damaged but the contents are also at risk because of the impact. Soft close hinges can prevent the breakage of any delicate or fragile items inside.

Integrated appliance doors – such as the type of downwards-opening door often used to disguise the location of a dishwasher – will also benefit from the application of soft close hinges, particularly because attaching the leaf to the dishwasher door will make it heavier and so more prone to slam.

How To Get Soft Close Hinges Fitted

You may find that the kitchen cupboards you currently own can be easily upgraded to feature soft close hinges, or you may wish to replace elements of your kitchen entirely with new pieces that were made to bear them. If you want to find out more about soft close hinges, and how they may be best put to use within your kitchen, simply contact us on 01765 640 000 or email us via, and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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