The high gloss kitchen has been one of the most popular styles for a number of years now and we’ve seen a notable increase in their sale.

For those looking for a clean and minimalist look, the high gloss kitchen is perfect. Additionally, it’s a practical and durable option that looks as good when first added, as it does for the long term. It’s low maintenance, high quality and also very stylish too.

galley gloss kitchen ideasAt Kitchen Warehouse we offer a variety of these high gloss kitchens in a number of finishes and will help you choose the best for you. Our expert kitchen fitters will advise you in the right direction and will be sure to help you get the kitchen you want.

Our kitchens can be tailored to a variety of needs and budgets and we can add all sorts of fantastic effects. These high gloss kitchens will add an air of sophistication to the area and will help accentuate the space. We advise well-placed lighting for these high gloss kitchens as they tend to reflect well on their surface to create a classy and eye-catching addition to the home.

So, we thought we’d provide some details on the benefits of these kitchens and why they might be ideal for your home.

High Gloss Kitchens

Our high gloss kitchens come in a whole variety of styles and colours and look fantastic in the home. The modern aesthetic of these kitchens is the perfect way to create a modern and stylish environment that people will notice and admire. We provide a selection of doorknobs, hinges and other fixtures and fittings that can be utilised for this.

Our designers create high gloss kitchens in a way that allows them to make the very most of the space. The addition of the reflective glossy finish ensures they create the illusion of a larger room that will create an added perception of space.

Streamlined Gloss Kitchens

Simple kitchen design ideasIf you are looking for a more streamlined offering then our handless kitchen cupboards are also a great way to create one. These kitchens provide an exciting, clean space, yet don’t compromise on the amount of space that they offer for storage. We know that ensuring you can place all your items in a cupboard is important to avoid clutter and that’s why our kitchen solutions make the very most of your room’s space, whether it’s large or small.


One of the fantastic things about these kitchens is that they provide an extremely durable offering. Unlike other forms of kitchens, gloss kitchens are wipe down and it takes very little effort to keep them clean. Durability is their strong point and all it usually takes is a quick wipe of a cloth to ensure they return to their former cleanliness.

We use only the very finest finishes in our kitchens and this provides a high-quality look and finish. The high-quality materials we use are essential in providing this desired look and creating the style our clients love.

Cost of a High Gloss Kitchen

Additionally, it’s also worth mentioning that our high gloss kitchen spaces can be sold at an amazing price as we manufacture them and also fit them. Through doing this we manage to cut out the middleman and so can provide them at a far lower price than you will pay on the high street. We offer the very best in quality at the best of prices and our professional service is renowned by many.


Because the style of these high gloss kitchens is quite clean, they tend to work well with all styles of homes. The level of versatility of these clean designs is something that has made them very appealing to many. Whether your home is new or old, the clean lines fit well in a whole variety of different spaces and in doing so are admirable in all sorts of spaces.

The high gloss kitchen style is one that is perfect for a whole host of homes as it is easy to manage, looks great and is also durable. We can provide these gloss kitchens without breaking the bank and that will work well no matter what size the space is. These are an attractive and elegant option that provides a long lasting solution that is perfect for homes with all sorts of families.

At Kitchen Warehouse we provide these gloss kitchens as well as a variety of other options too. Why not come to see us at our Yorkshire warehouse and discuss your kitchen options with us. We’d love to talk about how a gloss kitchen can lift your space and ensure that it really looks the part and impresses.

So, why not talk to us at Kitchen Warehouse and we can discuss what you like and what you need – we’d be more than happy to help you and ensure you get the kitchen space you dream of.