Nothing beats renovating a room in your home.

Whether it is simply upgrading one piece of furniture or changing the whole style of the room a clever renovation can have a massive effect on your property and yourself.

Not only does keeping your home modern while adding to its value but it also brings positivity and a rejuvenated outlook to everyone that lives there. At the Kitchen Warehouse Limited, we see the effect that this has every day. This is why we love our job so much.

Rather than simply being a retailer that has kitchen units for sale we can take our clients through the whole process. This starts with deciding what is a good fit for your kitchen, exploring different styles, choosing the final design and having the new units fitted.

It is what makes our job so rewarding. We have compiled a short list of four striking kitchen units for sale that can seriously enhance your home. They range from traditional to modern styles with everything in between.

Handle Less High Gloss Units 

Handle less high gloss units for sale

Handleless high gloss units

If you want a sleek and modern kitchen with a minimalist style then look no further than our stunning handleless high gloss kitchen unit range.

Kitchen units don’t always need to consist of elaborate designs and furnishings. Sometimes less really is more and that is the case with these units. They are straight to the point, easy to clean and manage and ‘de-clutter’ a kitchen that feels overcrowded and small.

One of the big bonuses with these units is that they are sprayed with a lacquer. This makes them very easy to clean and they will retain their fresh and new look for years to come.

You do not even need to have an existing ultra-modern design in your kitchen to make them fit in. These units can blend in with both traditional, simple and contemporary kitchens.

Roma Shaker Units

Just want to keep things clean, simple and fresh without breaking your budget?

Roma shaker kitchen units

Roma shaker units

Our fantastic Roma Shaker units are the solution. They are great especially for first-time homeowners or for those of you who are trying to save money.

The Kitchen Warehouse Limited stocks The Ashton Cole Collection Roma Shakers which are the best on the market. If you want a kitchen to retain a traditional look but fancy a modern edge then these kitchen units for sale are the best choice.

Our Roma Shaker units come in 18 different colours. Yes, 18! Regardless of what kitchen design you have or colour scheme in your room you will find a shade to suit your home.

Solid Wood Units 

Solid wood kitchen units for sale

Solid wood kitchen units

Sometimes opting for traditional kitchen units for sale is more suited to your home than going ultra-modern.

Many people still like the old age feel to their kitchens. Luckily for you, we have many kitchen units that fit this description perfectly. Our solid wood unit range provides a fresh look to your kitchen while still keeping its traditional charm.

The great thing about our durable solid wood kitchen units is their longevity. These units are great for withstanding everyday usage in the kitchen. You also get the added bonus of soft closing hinges as well as drawer boxes from Hettich which is one of the leading German manufacturers.

With out solid wood unit range you can retain your traditional kitchen style but give it a face lift with some new units.

Colourful Kitchen Units

Even though we stock a wide range of different kitchen units in various materials, styles and designs many people just want to add colour and vibrancy to their kitchen.

Colourful kitchen units for sale

Colourful kitchen units

This is why throughout our whole kitchen units range we ensure that there are several colours to choose from.

For instance, our vivacious high gloss kitchen units comes in 11 different colours and our elegant gloss acrylic units have 12 different shades.

We want to make sure that we cater to all tastes and preferences here at the Kitchen Warehouse Limited.

If you want some neutral colours to blend in with the rest of your home then we have several options for that. Alternatively, if you fancy kitchen units that stand out and have their own personality then we have that too.

Don’t feel like you need to conform to plain kitchen units. Live a little and indulge in your creative side.

Finding new kitchen units for sale that will enhance your home is not a decision to be taken lightly. In fact,

it is reasons like this that the Kitchen Warehouse exists in the first place.

We don’t believe in simply selling units and kitchen accessories to clients without first making sure that it is exactly what they need. We have built our reputation on our client’s satisfaction with their new kitchen and we pride ourselves on bringing happiness to every homeowner we work with.

Have a browse around our great kitchen units for sale range to find a style that works for you. Whether it is freshening up an existing design or going for something completely different we will be there to help you.

Get in contact with us today!