The best examples of kitchen design don’t stop at the finish of the kitchen units, the ingenuity of the layout – or the choice of worktop.

The real magic is in the delivery of clever details that may not meet the eye initially.

Storage solutions, hygiene maintenance and practical kitchen accessories are all elements that can upgrade a good kitchen to a great one.

Paying attention to these features can help to create something practical and user-friendly.

How do you make a cupboard door close quietly?

soft closing kitchen drawer

Sometimes, the most subtle changes to your workspace can make the biggest difference.

A popular addition that many designers turn to in contemporary kitchen design is soft close hinges.

Here, Kitchen Warehouse explains more about this enhancement.

Soft Close Kitchen Hinges

When the time comes to have a new complete kitchen then you will also have to decide if you want to use soft closing drawers.

At Kitchen Warehouse, all the soft closing drawers we provide are produced by renowned manufacturer Hettich.

These soft close cabinet hinges are the among the very best door soft closers that are sold anywhere on the market today.

Do soft close cabinets cost more?

All are cabinets, doors and soft close hinges are affordable.

Available in a number of designs and styles, our soft closing drawers can be used to store a multitude of items such as cutlery, pots and pans. They are easy to use and result in the delivery of seamless day-today-use.

There are many benefits to choosing soft-closing drawers for your new units and the team here have listed them below so you can see all of the advantages of having soft close mechanisms installed in your kitchen.

How Does A Soft Close Hinge Work?

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Drawers do not slam

Soft close cabinet hinges can be fitted in any kitchen. These superb soft close cabinet hinges can be added to any cabinet doors.

The mechanism that makes the drawer soft closing allows the drawer to shut smoothly and without slamming, unlike older, non-soft closing designs do.

Say goodbye to cabinet doors that slam!

Say hello to the world of soft close doors.

As you push the drawer shut, when it is nearly fully closed the mechanism of the cabinet hinges comes into action to slow down the shutting.

This prevents slamming and to close the drawer fully, but much more quietly than drawers without the mechanism. The whole process is soft close and virtually silent.

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Can soft close features be added to existing kitchen doors and cabinets?

As well as soft-closing drawers we also provide soft closing hinges.

They are an accessory that can be applied to existing kitchen doors and cabinets to ensure that all your storage spaces shut as quietly as possible.

You Protect Drawer Contents with Soft Close

Naturally, if you slam a drawer then you increase the likelihood of the contents inside flying about and then breaking.

Slamming a drawer without a soft close mechanism can in fact also damage the drawer itself which will prove costly if you are consistently breaking your drawers.

A slow or soft close hinge prevents fast, rough closures to protect your drawer and cabinet contents. It will protect the cabinet door too.

Of course, it also cuts down on unnecessary noise. Soft close hinges are better than conventional screws – and much quieter too.

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Does Soft Close Mean Less Maintenance?

A drawer that is soft close will always close safely gently.

This means that over time, compared to regular drawers, there will be much less damage to them and therefore they will require less maintenance.

Through the use of the hinges we supply you will similarly put less stress and strain on your cabinet doors, which massively extends the lifespan of your kitchen overall.

Child-Friendly Doors

By having soft-closing drawers installed in your home you can protect your little ones from getting their fingers trapped in a slammed drawer.

Because the soft close mechanism slows the closing of the drawer your children will not have their fingers pinched – even if their hands are still in the way the as the drawer shuts.

They do not close as viciously as a regular drawer that had been slammed would.

Soft close technology is a great addition to any cabinet door too. A soft closing mechanism also stops over-enthusiastic children from being able to slam doors, cabinets and drawers.

Are soft close kitchen cabinets worth it?

Soft close doors make everything child-friendly. Kitchen door soft closers are definitely worth it.

If you would like to see our soft closing drawers first hand why not visit the Kitchen Warehouse showroom in Ripon.

You can see all the soft close mechanism ingenuity of the Hettich hinges and all related categories that are sold for your kitchen needs.

Alternatively, if you require more information about any of our products you can get in touch with us by calling or by visiting our contact page.


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