It’s common knowledge that painted kitchens allow you to experiment with the wide ranging colour palette more than any other finish. Any colourway you have in mind can be achieved with a coat of paint to make your kitchen meet your vision exactly. Of course, with many painted kitchen ideas in mind, it can be hard to pick the perfect one for your requirements. Add to that the extensive selection of painted kitchen units and replacement kitchen doors at Kitchen Warehouse, and it can be quite overwhelming when faced with all of these options at first.

This is why we thought we would give you the lowdown on our selection of painted kitchen finishes so you can browse each with a little more information already in your back pocket!

Painted solid wood

We understand that many people love the look of a solid wood kitchen but are disappointed that it only offers a limited range of “natural wood” colours. By introducing painted solid wood kitchen units and doors, we feel like we have found an excellent compromise. This collection has 4 different ranges, which are as follows…

  • Aldana is comprised of six shades, including various hues of grey and viridian, there are plenty of options to choose from within our Aldana range! It adopts a country look, whilst keeping a modern design, and can streamline your space in a way that will make your kitchen live on for years to come.
  • The Madison range has 10 colours to pick from and is one of the most popular painted solid wood designs on our website. V-grooves are present that gives the design a uniqueness that can’t be matched, as they are found where the cross rails meet the vertical sections of the outer shaker frame.
  • The Wakefield design may be simpler than the Madison and Jefferson finishes, but it doesn’t compromise on appeal! Also available in 10 shades, Wakefield kitchen doors have a small detailed internal beading situated on the inside edge. Take a look for yourself now!
  • Jefferson is one of the more traditional kitchen designs available, the Jefferson range comes in 10 unique shades. It can really bring a feeling of worth and class to your kitchen at an affordable, competitive price! Check out this collection of fine designs on site.

Painted smooth shaker

The painted smooth shaker range from Kitchen Warehouse is one that is right on trend when it comes to modern kitchen design. If you are looking for a painted kitchen that is in touch with the popular styles of today, then you should definitely browse through the full collection.

Here are the ranges we offer at Kitchen Warehouse…

  • Florence is available in five incredible colours; the Florence smooth shaker range from Kitchen Warehouse will look the part in any home. After all, it has a timeless design that will never go out of style and will become a devoured fixture in your kitchen for many years to come. Once you have opted for Florence, you won’t want anything different!
  • The versatility of the Georgia range is an attribute that makes it stand out to any potential buyers. It can make a home in almost any kitchen, giving you the freedom to experiment with complementary colours for your walls or flooring. With this selection of kitchen finishes, the opportunities are endless, so go and explore your blank canvas today!

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So, have any of the painted kitchen designs mentioned took your fancy? If so, make sure you browse through the ones that appeal to you most in your own time, and you may find that you’re onto a winner!

If you have any questions about our products and/or service and would like to get an expert opinion, then the friendly team at Kitchen Warehouse are always on hand to help. Give us a call today on 01765 640 000 to speak to one of our kitchen experts directly, or you can email us at if this is easier. You can also get in touch with us without even leaving our website by filling out our online form. We will always look to respond to enquiries as soon as possible.

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