A shaker kitchen is famous for stylish simplicity, which is why this type of kitchen design has been popular since its inception in the 18th century. This timeless look is versatile and will not look out of place in any kitchen, as we’re sure shaker kitchen units will be in style for many years to come!

In this post from Kitchen Warehouse, we take a look at how you can switch up the feel of your kitchen by simply installing a shaker kitchen unit.

How does the shaker kitchen work in modern times?

The shaker style is one that never dates. Thanks largely to its simple design and adaptability – as it is available in many different shades. All colour options can be seen by viewing our range of luxury shaker kitchen units or smooth shaker kitchen units.

Although kitchen styles frequently change and colour trends fluctuate, the shaker design will always stay relevant. We currently stock everything from sage green and graphite to earthy tones such as oak and olive.

Which shaker style is best for me?

We stock two different types of shaker units to add even more variety to the range we offer here at Kitchen Warehouse. These are:

Luxury shaker kitchen units

The luxury shaker kitchen units that we offer here at Kitchen Warehouse are definitely the more versatile option of the two, with a large selection of colours on offer to accommodate any look you may have in mind.

These shaker units are very durable and hardwearing and will withstand the wear and tear of the kitchen environment for years to come. With shaker kitchen units, you are also not experiencing a longer lead time that you may encounter with painted kitchen units, meaning you can achieve your dream kitchen in next to no time.

Smooth shaker kitchen units

The simplistic design of our smooth shaker kitchen units has been a big hit with our customers. We stock them in both a Florence and Georgia design adding even more selection to our range, so you can choose to experiment of whatever look you feel suits you best! Be sure to take a look at our full range of smooth shaker units today, and we can get right to work with making your dream kitchen idea a reality.

Mix and match your design with replacement kitchen doors

If your kitchen door is damaged or you just fancy a fresh look for your kitchen without the hassle of replacing your whole kitchen unit, then our luxury shaker kitchen doors could be the perfect solution to add a whole new vibe to your kitchen with minimal effort and cost! These doors are available in many different colours, with their versatility proving popular with Kitchen Warehouse customers. Our smooth shaker kitchen doors are again available in both Florence and Georgia design, giving you ample choice when you are in need of a new kitchen door.

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