More than 25 per cent of UK homes have a dog and 17 per cent own at least one cat, say the Pet Food Manufacturers Association. And that begs the question – is yours a pet-friendly kitchen?

We are sure that during the Covid-19 lockdown, you and your family are spending far more hours than you would like in the kitchen. And that probably means getting under each other’s feet, quite literally. For many of you, that includes the dog. So, what can you do to make sure your next refurbishment ensures you have a pet-friendly kitchen?

It’s not difficult really to make small adaptations and tweaks here and there, to your existing kitchen cabinets, kitchen island and flooring etc. And while you are off work during lockdown, now may be the perfect time to start. If so, here are some pet-friendly kitchen ideas, below. You may be surprised how simple – and yet effective – most of them are:

Invest in pet-proof cabinets

Pet-proof cabinets are door fronts and drawers that don’t scratch easily from over-excitable claws. That means investing in the likes of plain doors which are easy to wipe clean and made of high-gloss laminate. Similarly, think about using water-resistant paints for getting rid of muddy paw prints on flooring and cabinets.

In-built pantry cabinet doors with retractable shutters work well for keeping a wet nose out. Consider using the bottom of the pantry for storing those large 15kg kibble bags too. If there happens to be more space alongside then a large tub with outdoor dog toys would save them being left out in the garden overnight.

You could also make sure other cabinet doors and drawers are impossible to open. Do so by fixing child-proof locks or get handles cut into drawers. This means there is nothing for your pooch to pull on). Certainly, always fix a child proof lock on the cabinet where you keep hazardous cleaning products as you don’t want your pooch ingesting some of these liquid bad boys!

While you are refurbishing your cabinets consider getting a pull out bin instead of a freestanding version. It can be all too easy for a big dog to tip over the bin and pull out the bag containing that delicious roast dinner you couldn’t face earlier. And we all know what happens then…

Fix the flooring for a pet-friendly kitchen

If you already have wooden flooring then you’ll know it’s not the best when there is a dog around. That’s for the same reasons as above ie it’s easy to scratch. Instead, consider switching to vinyl or cement tiles. That way your pooch can run around all he or she likes, but you’ll never know it since your flooring will remain intact and scratch-free.

Consider creating a dog seat

If there is room – and you already have adequate storage space, consider removing a couple of cupboards from underneath a worktop. You can then fit in a dog bed in the space instead. This gives your dog a cosy nook in which to sit and watch you while you’re in the kitchen.

Better still, it also keeps them out of harm’s way when you’re wandering around with hot food in your hands. Just ensure the space isn’t near where you prep food though – otherwise you might trip with a knife in your hand…

Get a dog feeding station

By feeding station we mean keeping his bowls in the one place and tucked away when not in use. Simply remove the kick board from underneath one set of cabinets – or get an area specially built for it – and push the bowls underneath when your dog has eaten. That way you won’t kick those darned bowls all over the kitchen floor as usual.

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