With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, further emphasis has been placed on hygiene to minimise the spread of this virus. So now, more than ever, keeping on top of cleaning your kitchen cabinets and doors is essential.

Luckily the team here at Kitchen Warehouse are on hand to offer you tips on how to give your kitchen units and doors a thorough clean.

How to clean kitchen doors

After worktops, kitchen doors are probably the part of the kitchen that gets cleaned the most.  Whilst making sure doors are properly clean is crucial, it’s also important to make sure you don’t cause lasting damage to the finish. So, whether your kitchen is gloss, wood or matt, discover how to do a deep clean without ruining its wonderful design.

If you have a handleless kitchen, then you will not have to worry about cleaning the handles of your kitchen doors, which should have be cleaned thoroughly as that is the place that will have most contact with hands. However, do not disregard the grooves of a handleless kitchen door as these can often collect muck and grime over time. When you clean your kitchen doors, be sure to cover every last spec!

High gloss

If you own high gloss kitchen doors, then we’re sure you will appreciate that they can get fairly messy, quickly! Fingerprints, general marks and spillages show easily, so you’re no doubt well used to wiping doors down already. For a really thorough clean though, apply warm water and a gentle detergent, before drying the area with kitchen roll, towel or a soft cloth.

If you want to avoid streaks then using a glass cleaning spray or a vinegar and water solution, followed by a gentle dry should do the trick.


Although marks and fingerprints are less easy to spot on matt kitchen doors, they should still be as cleaned as regularly as any other finish.

Matt kitchen doors are less easy to clean, as you have to be careful that the surfaces don’t absorb the streaks of the detergent that you choose to clean them with. This means that you should take time and be careful when scrubbing and drying with a stronger detergent.

Solid wood

The solid wood doors that we produce at Kitchen Warehouse are finished with a layer of varnish or lacquer to protect them from any cracks or discolouring through general wear. Due to this you are able to clean your wood doors with ease, simply by using soapy water. Any large spots or pieces of food found on the doors (inevitable in a kitchen!) then we recommend they are cleaned as soon as possible to avoid these hardening into the wood.

How to clean inside kitchen units

Kitchen units can be cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water but are often neglected more than kitchen doors as the process can be a little more tedious! Cabinets should be emptied and vacuumed before they are washed down, as this gets rid of any crumbs and general residue that builds up over time. Once this has been done you can use your detergent and water to clean the inside of the cabinets thoroughly, before leaving them to dry by keeping doors open for up to 2 hours.

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