Introducing colour into your kitchen can be a great way to bring your unique style into the space. Whether you love bold statements for your kitchen units or prefer to bring through accents of colour against a more traditional backdrop – colour in the kitchen should always be carefully thought through – after all, you are likely to be living with it for some time!

The palette you choose can greatly influence the mood and feel of your kitchen, from dramatic jet black kitchen units – made to draw the eye, to subtle hints of a bold primary shade weaved throughout your kitchen accessories designed to give a cheery feel, there are many ways to bring colour into the kitchen to create a theme that suits your style and personality.

Create a statement with your kitchen units

Whether you prefer a modern high gloss look in your kitchen, or have a love of more traditional units, choosing coloured kitchen units  is a fantastic way to make a statement.

For those who love a traditional meets contemporary look, why not look at our Madison Light Teal Range. Love gloss? Our Stardust Blue kitchen units add an up to date and chic touch which can be matched with light or dark worktops for dramatic effect.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may even be able to experiment with contrasting colours on your unit doors – choosing a glossy bright finish on a single run of kitchen units to compliment a more traditional white elsewhere, for example, can introduce coloured units without overwhelming a larger kitchen.

Not so ‘white’ goods

Gone are the days where white goods must always be ‘white’. While whites, blacks and chromes still very much dominate many kitchens, there are a wealth of fridges, washing machines and dishwashers available in more vibrant hues.

Whether you yearn for pretty pastels or bold reds, choosing kitchen appliances in unusual colours can be a great way to subtly enhance your chosen pallet.

For those who aren’t quite ready to commit to a baby pink oven just yet – try weaving in colour through smaller kitchen appliances such as kettles and toasters. This gives you a little more wiggle room if you are likely to want to change your colour scheme on a more regular basis.


Paint, tiling, and splashbacks

If you want to bring warmth and vibrancy to a more neutrally coloured kitchen, it’s entirely possible to do so using your background décor. While plain or white units offer a great backdrop to your kitchen space, without the introduction of some textures whether of colour or materials, this can look stark.

Using coloured splashbacks, whether matt or glossy glass in vibrant tones brings a subtle hint of colour which can be built upon with other splashes of your similar shades throughout the area.  Additionally, tiles and worktops don’t have to be neutral – make them showstopping with bold bright tones.

For those with a larger space, contrasting wall paint colours with tiled areas or splashbacks can give a kitchen space texture and depth.

Soft furnishings

Switch up the look of your kitchen by adding bright prints or blocks in the soft furnishings in your kitchen. Pops of colours in an otherwise neutral room can bring a definite sense of fun and personality to the space, without a big commitment, so think about using colourful items such as bright bar stools, cushions or rugs in dining areas.

Additionally, window treatments such as bold print blinds can bring together your colour scheme without overwhelming it.

In many cases, if your kitchen is part of a wider open plan space, you will need to consider how the tonesyou choose will affect the overall effect, so tailoring your colours to match not only your kitchen, but living or dining area furniture is key.

Highlight kitchen areas you love

Colour can be used to create a certain feeling in specific areas of your kitchen. Whether it’s showcasing your beloved kitchen island with well-chosen lighting, or making a cosy nook with a relaxing and cool tone, your choice of colour can create zones within your kitchen to reflect the atmosphere you wish to project.

In addition,  contrasting colours throughout the area will give a more defined and textured look to your kitchen, making it a more visually pleasing place to hang out.

Use colour in your kitchen accessories

Little hints of your chosen hues dotted throughout your entire kitchen can give an illusion of colour without heavy investment. For example, matching kitchen pots and pans which may be on display with small appliances and soft furnishings can create a true accent of your chosen colour without dominating the entire space.

Choosing to display carefully selected artwork, or even certain cookery books can bring the entire colour scheme together in a subtle way which really finishes off the look of the room.

Whatever colour you love, at Kitchen Warehouse UK, we can provide a great range of kitchen units that are bound to suit your tastes. If you want to know more, why not browse our available kitchen units, or contact us for more information.