Choosing kitchen colour schemes can be a tricky business.

Picking a colour scheme for your kitchen usually involves selecting colours that complement each other – that much is obvious.

But what if your favourite colours are the wrong option for this a particular space?

You want to make sure that the kitchen colour scheme you choose works brilliantly in the space you have – and that it will stand the test of time.

Here are a few tips from Kitchen Warehouse you should consider before finalising your kitchen design colour scheme.

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How Do I Choose A Colour Scheme For My Kitchen?

It’s never been easier to choose a colour scheme that matches your personal style and whatever is in your head with your painted kitchen ideas.

Well, easier in the sense that you can now choose virtually any shade and tone from the colour wheel to fulfil your kitchen colour ideas.

The challenge now comes from being so spoiled for choice.

But choice is a good thing!

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What Makes Up A Colour Scheme?

There may have been a time when choosing a colour scheme simply meant two things: the colour you chose for your kitchen units and the colour you picked for the walls.

While those two aspects are still key, a greater understanding of colour palettes, colour wheels, and complementary colours in the field of interior design mean that we are now more aware of how other elements of a kitchen, such as backsplashes – or even the colour of chairs – can be seen as the sum of all parts.

Every aspect contributes to the overall effect of a colour scheme.

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What Is The Best Colour For A Kitchen?

Whether you love the idea of bold shades and on-trend colours, such as dark blue or green kitchen ideas, or you prefer more muted tones and a neutral shade such as cream or ivory, the principle is the same.

You can work with particular colour palettes to stamp your own personal style on the space.

Colours complement each other in various ways. Backsplash tiles can create textured visual appeal, create contrast, and add accent colour.

Two colours in kitchen

Natural tones, natural wood and a neutral kitchen overall can be pulled together with your choice of flooring, window treatments, or brass accents on taps or handles,.

There are just so many ways that you can add colour into the space.

How Can I Experiment With Colours?

Regardless of your lifestyle, don’t be scared of experimenting with paint colours, choices of kitchen units, tiles, flooring, or countertops.

It really doesn’t matter whether you prefer darker shades and darker tones, or your favourite shade is pale blue, sky blue or dusky pink.

Blue kitchen ideas or green kitchen ideas, it’s immaterial – just as long as you have thought carefully about the overall colour palette.

Ivory kitchen

How Big Is Your Kitchen?

Although the size of your kitchen might not initially seem to be the most pressing question to consider when you are thinking about kitchen colour ideas, it really is an important factor.

In general terms, stronger and bolder shades from the colour wheel tend to work perfectly in a large space.

Meanwhile, darker colour picks can be overpowering and stifling in a smaller space.

But while strong colours often work well in a larger space, a narrow kitchen will often benefit from bright airy tones.

High Gloss Light Grey Kitchen

General Principles – Size Matters

White or light pastel shades do make any room seem larger, preferably if they are plainly set all across the walls.

On the contrary, using different colours on different surfaces will fragment the space, making it look narrower.

Modern kitchen design

So, the general rule is to use plain, light colours in smaller kitchens. Meanwhile, for big kitchens, you have greater license to go wild with fuller, vibrant tones.

As always, the amount of natural light you have available is another important consideration when choosing a kitchen colour.

Black and white kitchen

Will you get bored?

Let’s face it; planning your kitchen design or kitchen colour scheme is something you won’t be doing very often.

When you do get to it, make sure you give it a lot of thought.

Colours may look great in this year’s paint catalogue, but not as nice on your kitchen walls three years from now.

If you are not absolutely sure, you can always go with the light pastel shades and jazz it up with colourful accessories and furniture.

Think Like An Interior Designer

Neutral tones and a soft shade of colour are easier to change up if you do get bored.

You should put your interior designer hat on and think carefully about how to blend complementary hues, use the natural light you have in the kitchen, and tie every colour decision you make into what you want your kitchen to be.

If you do this, there is no reason why you can’t create a colour scheme that can stand the test of time.


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Start With The Kitchen Cabinets

Interior design experts say often advise that it is best to begin by selecting your cabinet colours.

Painting the walls and then finding cabinets to match is more difficult.

A natural finish, such as Solid Oak, allows you to experiment with colours on all other surfaces across the kitchen. Natural wood and natural materials can be a great base to start from.

Of course, if you opt for a vibrant colour for your kitchen cabinets, this will set the tone for the whole space – including walls, worktops, floor, appliances and accessories.

Darker tones in kitchen

Colours For A Contemporary Kitchen

Whether you want to put a contemporary spin on a traditional kitchen or create an ultra-modern look, the way you use certain colours and different shades will have lasting effect on the kitchen space.

Less is more when using bold colours in small areas.

Can I Use More Than One Colour?

The simple answer is yes! The two colour option has become a popular way of designing a chic look for the kitchen.

A monochrome kitchen is very much on trend, where pure white walls sit opposite from black units is a bold choice – but white cabinets, white paint, and white walls are always winners in a kitchen colour scheme.

Consider adding marble countertops. The earthy tones of the marble is a superb complement to many design schemes.

Colour works best when more than one shade is incorporated.

Two colours

More Greens And Blues

Do you want to connect with the natural world?

Both a traditional kitchen and more contemporary styling can create a welcoming environment for the busiest room in the home.

Green, with its life and vitality, is a fantastic way to energise the kitchen and transform it into much more than simply a cooking space.

The natural accents of green connect seamlessly with the outside world.

From rich, deep emerald hues to more understated hues, such as sage tones, green is a versatile beast

Embrace The Tone

Recognised for its calming qualities, blue is another failsafe colour choice for the kitchen.

It can be tailored and blended to achieve various looks. Blue is certainly an adaptable colour.

Bold or calming, depending on the tone and shade you choose, why not incorporate blue into your colour scheme ideas?

What about the floor?

Anyone who has had their own kitchen knows just how easy it is to get the floor dirty.

Every time you cook or clean a work surface, you will drop a little something.

A white or light coloured floor will always look dirty, no matter how much you clean, but despite what you think, so will a black floor!

Dakar kitchen

Wood flooring can be very effective in the kitchen area, as it can provide a warm and soothing atmosphere but is not always too forgiving to spills.

What’s more, the floor can swell if it gets very wet.

Kitchen flooring

Things To Consider About Flooring

Also, if you drop one of your sharp kitchen knives or accessories onto a wood or laminate floor, it will damage or scratch easily.

Tiles or laminates provide a surface that is easy to clean and forgiving to the usual wear and tear found in the kitchen.

Darl coloured floor

Often, a multi-tonal or tastefully patterned tile or linoleum will be a little more forgiving than a monotone colour.

Be it a light or a dark one, a little texture on the eyes will detract them from noticing every piece of fluff, crumb, or footprint!

kitchen floor

Colour Psychology

The kitchen colours you use to decorate your home can have an effect on your emotional well-being, so having a cheerful kitchen colour like red or yellow may help you start the day with optimism, whereas blue seems to be a more calming colour.

Some colour psychology experts say that if you have fond memories of your childhood kitchen, you may want to repeat the same colour scheme in your new kitchen.

But you can put the psychology to one side if you want; choosing a kitchen colour scheme doesn’t have to be that deep.

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Capture The Mood You Want To Create With Colour

Ultimately, creating a colour scheme that will stand the test of time is about capturing the mood and vibe that you want for your kitchen.

Bold statement or soothing space, it’s really up to you.

Are you ready to make a decision? If you need any help or have any questions, get in touch with the Kitchen Warehouse team.

Good luck with planning your kitchen colour scheme!





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