Most of us feel like a kitchen revamp at some point but sometimes a limited budget can get in the way. However, you can upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Just follow these tips for a budget friendly revamp.

First, let’s begin with the basics.

Start with a Spring Clean

The first step to a better kitchen is a good, old fashioned spring clean. Start by sorting out any items that you don’t need. Clear out the cupboards for more storage space and put away bits that shouldn’t be out.

Maximise the layout

With the room decluttered, now it’s time to reconsider the kitchen plan. A new layout is an easy and cost-free way of making more space. It can also make the room more accessible, welcoming and spacious.

Decide on the ‘must haves’

Keeping your budget in mind, draw up a list of ‘must have’ items for the kitchen. Decide which aspects really need replacing and concentrate on those. Anything else can go on a ‘nice to have’ list for later.

With the fundamentals dealt with, use the next lot of tips to really transform your kitchen.

Add new storage space

Think about getting additional storage. Use the extra units to hide away kitchen utensils and anything else that makes the room look untidy. And pick storage that will add to the general aesthetics.

For instance, you could use plate racks to display your best china. Alternatively, a kitchen dresser will give a country cottage look while displaying your best kitchenware.

Replace doors and handles

Perhaps you’re in two minds about whether to invest in new units. If your existing cupboards are in relatively good condition then the cost of replacing them might be hard to justify.

If this is the case, just replace the doors and handles. Doing this will achieve the fresh feel you’re after, without breaking your budget.

Change taps and fixtures

are belfast sinks practical

Invest in new taps, fixtures and fittings. Kitchen taps are available in multiple styles and they’re a simple way to modernise the room. Buying new fittings will produce a contemporary finish without costing much money.

For more of a revamp, the addition of new worktops and sink units will give the kitchen its old sparkle back.

Paint the walls

Paint gives you plenty of versatility. The right paint can go a long way to creating the feel you want.

For instance, light reflecting paints with a satin finish result in a feeling of space. For a cosier, more comfortable room, you’ll want warm colours. For an industrial look, try matt paint.

Complement the new paint work by adding some art.  Artwork will give the room some colour and disguise small flaws not otherwise covered by paint. Some basic art prints won’t cost much. Or you could get creative and make your own designs.

Change the light bulbs/lighting

Give the kitchen a different ambience by changing the light bulbs. A low watt bulb provides added cosiness; a higher wattage produces an open feel. However, there are numerous other lighting options.

Industrial, pendant, mix and match or statement lighting or have their place. The choice just depends on your personal tastes and the style you’re after.

Get new blinds

Add colour, create light or darken the room with a new pair of blinds. There’s a blind for every budget and even this small change can start to give the kitchen a new perspective.

Create a focal point

Kitchen door handles

A focal point can really liven up a room. It’s also a good way to detract attention away from areas you don’t like. And there are no limits to the perfect focal point. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Consider some wall art, feature lampshades or spectacular lighting. Or for a real wow factor, consider  a striking new kitchen counter top.

Feature lampshades

From mixed steels to chandeliers, bold stripes, animal prints and dramatic dark colours, a feature lampshade can be a real talking point.


It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you can do something to change the appearance of your kitchen. Whether it’s a simple declutter or a more extensive revamp, you can get your kitchen the way you want it. And it’s cheaper than you think.

Whatever the look or feel you are trying to achieve, the Kitchen Warehouse has a wide variety of affordable kitchen units, doors and accessories that are ideal for your individual needs. Why not visit our website today to start planning the best way to transform your kitchen?

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