It’s one of the biggest grievances we hear from new customers looking to update and renovate their kitchen: they simply don’t have enough kitchen storage space in their current design.

Families, in particular, are blighted by this problem but couples and singles with galley kitchens can suffer similar kitchen cabinet storage issues. So, in an effort to banish those storage blues, we’ve come up with some of our own favourite – and incredibly clever, we reckon – kitchen storage ideas:

Roll out pantry

Just as fabulous as a walk-in pantry – and which, incidentally, is becoming very on-trend these days – a roll-out pantry doesn’t require as much space. In fact, it’s genius! The slim pantry just slides out next to your kitchen cupboard. Cans, dried goods and other items such as condiments and packets of biscuits can all be stored within its shelves. How much you can store depends on the width of your current kitchen cabinets, but it’s usually a pretty impressive amount. In fact, why stick at one roll-out pantry? So useful and smart is a roll-out pantry that well, it’d be foolish not to have two really.

Kitchen storage: kitchen trolley

A kitchen trolley is great idea for small kitchens in particular. Use a sturdy trolley as an additional worktop (just add a removable butcher’s block on top) and a storage space in one. In other words, a kitchen trolley is a fabulous instant prepping area and great storage space for appliances. And the best bit about it? A trolley on castors can also be swiftly moved into the hallway or another room when you’re planning to have friends round and require additional space.

Drawer dividers

Those early kitchen gurus certainly knew what they were talking about when they came up with the idea of drawer dividers. Store away Tupperware lids and the lids of pots and pans efficiently and in their own divided little areas. No more shall they mix…and quicker will you prepare.

Kitchen storage: spice drawer

Yes, you can store spices in one of those cute carousel-type holders – but doesn’t it clutter up your worktop?! You could use that space for prepping or presenting your much-loved and regularly-used coffee machine. We’re pretty sure you reach for coffee more than spices. So, in order to get organised and give yourself a clearer workspace, why not get a spice drawer? It doesn’t have to be deep, but it should be wide so that you get a good range of spices in there. Line them up alphabetically and you’re really cooking, as they say.

Pull-out bin

Free up extra space in your kitchen and get a much more streamlined look by incorporating your bin into the kitchen cabinetry. Pull-out bins which are installed in cabinets near your prepping area are fantastic for getting rid of peelings and other food mess instantly. You don’t even have to leave the spot you’re standing in – simply open the cabinet, pull out the bin and scrape the cuttings into it directly from your chopping board. These days it’s a good idea to have a separate kitchen cabinet bin for recycling too. In fact, your local authority will insist on it…

Kitchen storage: vertical ‘shelving’

No space in your wall cupboards to store large platters? Fear not. Vertical shelving (which looks remarkably like tall dividers) can help take up the slack – especially if you have plenty of room in under-cabinet cupboards. And it’s not just plates you can store in there of course; they’re also great for neatly storing baking trays, cutting boards and regular trays. Not only that, but you can access individual items easily rather than having to lift a stack of items which have been precariously piled on top of them.

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