What Does Your Kitchen Say About You?

A kitchen can say a lot about a person.

After all, it is one of the rooms in the house where we spend the most time. The great thing about designing a kitchen is that there is so much choice and variety when it comes to styles and designs and what one you choose says a lot about your character and personality. In this blog post, we are going to look at 3 different kitchen cabinet designs that will not only enhance your kitchen but will also reveal your personality as well.

Not everyone has the same tastes however the three cabinets the team here at Kitchen Warehouse UK have listed will match your outlook on life.

The Minimalist

Recently there has been a move towards modern, minimalist style with high gloss kitchen cabinets.High gloss kitchen cabinets

These look plain but with a simple design, glossy finish and a no-fuss attitude they can make a kitchen simplistic but effective. Perhaps one of the best features of high gloss and modern kitchen cabinets is that they are very easy to clean and don’t tend to catch dirt or gather much dust.

Someone who opts for this style is generally a low maintenance person. They don’t like clutter or complications and instead want something simple and stylish without the fuss.

The Traditionalist

Many people prefer to have a rustic or traditional feel to their kitchen.

Solid wood kitchen cabinets

Solid wood kitchen cabinets can turn your kitchen into one from a different era. They are generally sturdier and more resilient than most other kitchen cabinets and tend to last a lot longer as well.

If you are after a sophisticated look that raises a great deal of nostalgia, then these are the perfect cabinets for bringing out the traditionalist in you.

Rather than appearing dated or aged, they instead bring an antique look to life and remaining in the 21st century.

The Maverick

When you walk into most kitchens you are generally hit with a sea of whites and browns however this doesn’t always suit the personality of the homeowner. What about the Mavericks?Roma shaker kitchen cabinets

These are the people that don’t care for the ‘normal’ colours in the kitchen and instead opt for something out of the box. We are talking about purples, greens and reds. Roma Shakers come in a wide variety of colours that will help you to reflect your personality and uniqueness into your kitchen – such as a ballroom blue shaker kitchen unit, designed to stand out from the crowd!

There is no room for traditionalism or low key designs here – rather it is all about standing out from the crowd, letting them know you are different and producing a fabulous kitchen design.

Which Personality Are You?

What we love about designing kitchens is that each one is so different.

You might want something low key in which we recommend a minimalist design with clean and neutral colours. You might want a kitchen that takes you back through the years and offers an antiquated look. You might want to show off your unique outlook on life with a kitchen full of vibrant colours.

Whatever you end up choosing you can be sure that there are complete kitchen units out there to suit your own personality and tastes.