Here at Kitchen Warehouse LTD, we can generally split kitchen designs into two categories. On the one side you have the traditionalist complete kitchen units with oaks, pines and whites and on the other, you have a modern style with a variety of colour.

Modern kitchens are usually more minimalist and bright. In this blog update, we want to look at 3 colours for your kitchen units that will create a modern look that brings both vibrancy and joie de vivre to your room.

Modern Kitchen Colours

Purple Kitchen Units

Purple is not usually the first colour we think of for modern kitchen units. Often seen as a ‘royal colour’ – it was used by Roman Emperors – it is a great choice for creating a majestic and modern kitchen.Purple Kitchen Units

Far from being a colour that will make people gasp in horror, purple kitchen units create a sleek and sophisticated design. It can be easy to dismiss purple as being ‘too bright’ or a ‘stand out colour’ however the reality is that it makes a statement. It says that you are not afraid to try something different or to take a chance with the style of your home.

You might not have the lifestyle of Augustus or Marcus Aurelius but you will have a distinctive and quirky kitchen.

Red Kitchen Units

Much like purple, red is not a colour that is found in many kitchens around the country. For some people it is too striking and too rich but for us it Red kitchen unitsis the colour of love and for modern kitchen units it represents a fantastic choice.

Red kitchen units can be blended in subtlety with whites and creams to create an all-round contemporary design. In fact, red works wonders with smaller kitchens. As it is quite a rich colour and can overwhelm a room when used in small doses and in kitchens that are not blessed with a lot of space red can be an inspired choice.

You can use red to design a kitchen that will not only stand out among the more traditional designs but which will also fill the room with romance and intimacy.

Latte Kitchen Units

Finally, we have latte. It might sound like one of those colours that closely resembles something else and is just used for marketing purposes but latte is a legitimate shade in its own right and for kitchens that want to ooze sophistication then it is a fabulous choice. Brown kitchen units have always been popular but latte brings something new to the table.Latte Kitchen Units

The great thing about using latte kitchen units is that they keep the whole room looking fresh. This subtle shade works really well with white and cream modern kitchen units – just think about a Starbucks coffee! – and even though it is not as striking as red or purple it is unique in its own way.

For a kitchen that is in tune with contemporary style and design than opting for a latte shade will turn that kitchen into an understated but effective room. Latte might be our most subtle option on this list but it is just as good at creating a modern kitchen.

These three colours are all recommended by the Kitchen Warehouse Limited for kitchen units due to their uniqueness and also how they transform an otherwise plain kitchen into one with personality.

Be prepared to take a chance and think outside the box when it comes to kitchen unit colours. It is often the brightest or least used colours that make the best designs.