There’s no denying that the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to spend more time in our kitchens than ever before – with the result we can really notice the areas we need a kitchen refurb on.

At the same time, the pandemic has left many of us nervous about the future – will we still be employed this time next year? What’s going to happen to the economy? So, we recognise we need to change our kitchens, but by keeping a tight rein on our expenses at the same time.

And that’s why, in this post, we have come up with some fab ideas for inexpensive kitchen refurbs. Maybe you’ve already carried out some of them during lockdown? If so, great. But there’s always more you can do in your kitchen, as you will see by reading on…

Changing your cabinet doors

Yes, even better than giving your existing cabinet doors a quick paint job, or changing them completely can really alter the look of your kitchen. It’s not difficult to do – you retain the shell of your existing units and simply fit on a ‘new look.’ A kitchen refurb could, for instance, involve changing the cabinets to reflect a country kitchen design with some fabulous new shaker doors. Then again glossy laminate-look cabinet doors are just the job if you’re looking for a contemporary look. And you don’t have to have all the doors the same colour either. Opt for a subtle colour, such as grey for the lower cabinets, for instance, and a bold shade such as red for the wall units.

Affixing different handles to cabinets and drawers

Yes, a change as small as this really can alter the look of your kitchen. It’s just a case of unscrewing the existing handles and adding a new one of your choice. Once finished, it will feel like you have a whole new set of cabinet doors – and at very minimal expense.

Kitchen refurb: tap into a new sink

Yes, the clue is in the heading. Change the tap and you’ll alter the look of your sink. It will feel different too if you change it radically ie instead of two separate taps, opt for a mixer tap. Or even treat yourself to a boiling water tap so as to save you putting on the kettle as much. Just make sure your tap reflects the design of your kitchen ie a bronze or other metal tap for a country kitchen and a matt black version for a contemporary appeal.

Bigging up your backsplash

Recent research by supermarket giant Tesco showed that more of us than ever before are cooking meals from scratch – 20% of us, in fact. It’s down to the lockdown of course, because we have more time. But what it does mean is that our backsplashes are even more important than before. Not only should they be functional ie catching splashes etc, but also great-looking, we feel. The Tesco study of 2000 adults showed than we’re spending around seven hours a week in our kitchens producing home cooked meals. That’s a lot of time staring at boring backsplashes so do yourself a favour and upgrade them with a kitchen refurb now.

You could paint your existing backsplashes, for instance, or change them completely. Adding specially-created tile stickers is another option. Do get kitchen stickers though so that they don’t start peeling with all the steam a kitchen gets.

Let in some LED

LED strip lighting looks fantastic around the base of a kitchen island or underneath wall cabinets so that it shines on the worktops. As well as being functional, this can also act as ambient lighting when sitting at the kitchen island relaxing with your other half or a friend over a glass of wine during the evening. LED lighting is so advanced these days it can be controlled via remote control and colour changing is more or less derigeur.

Kitchen refurb: get in touch today!

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