One of the most frequently-asked questions from homeowners is: Does a new kitchen add value to my property? Though home renovations are often completed with the comfort of the current owners in mind, there’s always the idea that you’ll get a greater return on your investment should you choose to sell later on and move up the property ladder.

It’s no secret that a brand new kitchen can be one of the priciest purchases you’ll make for your home – but it’s also worth mentioning that a great kitchen will be one of the main selling points if you eventually decide to put your house on the market. So, how much value can a new kitchen add if you choose to modernise this vital room, and how much should you spend on it?

There are many variables that affect property value and many methods to improve your kitchen. We’ve compiled this blog to help you understand why upgrading your kitchen is a wise decision, and how to go about enhancing your kitchen to get the most value for the lowest cost.


How does a kitchen add value to your home?

We all know that first impressions matter, and many estate agents will tell you that the appearance of the kitchen and bathrooms can make or break a sale. These are the rooms most often used by everyone in the household, and the kitchen especially is associated with emotional connections.

Globally recognised as the heart of any home, kitchens aren’t just a place for cooking and cleaning. They’re a social hub, where you can spend quality time with your family and friends, sharing food and making happy memories. If a potential buyer can imagine themselves in your kitchen as the perfect place for these activities, it’ll heavily influence their decision.

On the flip side, if a viewer is unimpressed with your kitchen, they will already decide that the property isn’t suitable for them before they even see the rest of the rooms. Refurbishing your kitchen can create that desirable wow factor, which becomes an incentive for a faster sale. Of course, a kitchen makeover is also enjoyable for yourself as long as you live in the property.

There are many factors that can affect the actual amount of value that a new kitchen will add to a property. According to the esteemed real estate agency Savills, you can expect a kitchen refurb to add at least 5% to your property value, and up to 10% if it’s in London. If you present a buyer with an up-to-date beautiful kitchen, not having to think about the added costs of remodelling it themselves could clinch the sale.


Consider kitchen improvements to increase home value

Though renovating bedrooms and bathrooms is a popular option, the kitchen is the best choice if your budget only covers upgrading one room. There are so many ways to transform your kitchen to suit any spending limits. As long as you plan carefully to get the most out of your space and design choices, it’s possible to achieve a stunning new kitchen without a significant price tag.

To start with, you should consider whether a professional full kitchen refit is on the cards, or if it’s more realistic to DIY some subtle differences. Replacing smaller parts and kitchen accessories is a cost-effective way to freshen up the look of the room without remodelling the existing structure.

If small alterations aren’t enough and you have the budget for it, then definitely consider changing the layout and replacing your old kitchen with completely new features. For example, improving your kitchen with a breakfast bar, or a more compact arrangement to accommodate seating, will make the room more appealing both to yourselves and to any potential buyers if you wish to sell.

More options for cost-effective kitchen redesign

Even the smallest kitchen can look expensive if the space has a good flow. This means making sure that there’s plenty of storage so that kitchen surfaces are clean and uncluttered, allowing you to move from one space to another easily. Think clever storage solutions, such as adding units at higher levels to put away those pesky items such as large pots and pans. The ultimate aim is to leave work surfaces and floor space completely free of obstacles.

In addition to an effective layout and smart storage, you need to think about the facades. Though modernising your kitchen is encouraged, it has to be in keeping with the style and age of the rest of your property. You don’t want something garish that sticks out like a sore thumb and puts people off. Look for colours and textures that add character without being excessive, which complement each other and the consistent interior design throughout your home.

Just remember that whatever you spend on your kitchen makeover should be in proportion to your property’s current overall value. If you want to add 5% onto the property value, you shouldn’t spend more than this on kitchen renovations unless you want to cancel out the potential profit when you sell up. If your kitchen is already modern and organised well, just spending a little on replacement kitchen doors can immediately improve the room without going overboard.


How to make your kitchen look more expensive

General advice is all well and good, but we know you want more specific tips for making your kitchen look high-end without costing an arm and a leg. Luckily, that’s exactly what we have for you in this section. Creating a kitchen with big-budget style doesn’t have to break the bank – here are ten of our best simple tricks for achieving a luxury look without spending a small fortune.

1) Classy cabinet doors

Cabinetry is one of the most obvious aspects that can completely change the look of a kitchen simply by swapping out the doors and drawer faces. Many people choose to replace just the doors, as these often take the brunt of the damage, whereas the units themselves are generally structurally sound. Replacement kitchen doors are the perfect option if your current carcasses are still in good condition, but the style of the doors is dated. Just remember to choose colours and styles that suit the rest of the kitchen.

It’s a simple and cost-effective solution that can make your kitchen more attractive to future buyers for just a few hundred pounds. Choosing a sleek design will keep your kitchen feeling timeless, whether you go for high gloss, smooth or textured matt, solid wood, or acrylic. You can even save money by installing your new doors yourself using our helpful “how to” video guides if you’re up to the task. This is the easiest way to refresh your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a refit.

2) Trendy kitchen handles

You might not realise it, but something as small as changing the handles on your kitchen cupboards and drawers can substantially change the appearance of the entire room. While a traditional round handle can bring a touch of old-fashioned elegance to your kitchen units, sleek T-bar style handles will create a sense of modern style.

Handles are an element that can easily be overlooked, but updating your hardware with some high-quality unique handles is an absolute must. This kind of attention to detail is key if you intend to achieve an optimum finish, and you can be sure that potential buyers will be scrutinising every little thing when they look around your home.

3) Modern kitchen worktops

Updating the worktops will give your kitchen an instant facelift. Choosing natural materials like marble or granite will give your kitchen the designer edge, but these do come at a cost. So does real wood, which also requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition.

There are some more affordable alternatives on the market, including composite and solid surfaces. These options are available in a huge range of different colours and styles, and provide a better finish than laminate substitutes. Mixed materials are in vogue, so consider choosing a different material for island worktops than the rest of the kitchen to create more of a focal point.

4) Luxurious kitchen lighting

Never underestimate the importance of good lighting in the kitchen. Well-placed light fittings have obvious benefits from a practical perspective, but the style and positioning of the lights can also drastically impact the overall atmosphere of the room. Investing in stylish lights can create a dramatic design feature and accentuate other aspects of the room.

Whether you include lighting under the cabinets or along your kickboards, or opt for ceiling spotlights or a beautiful pendant feature, any of these can help you achieve a high-end finish. Don’t forget about making the most of natural light, either – you want your kitchen to feel bright and spacious when the lights are off during the day as well.

5) Stylish sinks and taps

Choosing a hard-wearing yet aesthetically appealing sink is an important aspect of kitchen design. There are plenty of classy kitchen sinks to choose from, made from a range of materials including stainless steel, ceramic, and granite. A stone or copper sink might be a little pricier than standard steel or ceramic, but it could be the stand-out feature that makes all the difference.

Another important yet often forgotten element is the humble kitchen tap. It’s not only a functional requirement, but also an opportunity to install an attractive design feature. Gone are the days where stainless steel is your only option, as there’s a variety of different materials and colours available. Matching the material of your hardware and taps will pull the look together and give your kitchen a sophisticated edge.

6) Freestanding kitchen furniture

Incorporating a piece of freestanding furniture like a dresser, island, or breakfast bar can lend some individuality to your kitchen. You can create a point of interest with contrasting colours and style, or ensure that it complements your kitchen’s colour scheme and fits in seamlessly.

Whether your style is country chic or edgy industrial, freestanding furniture can work well in your space with the right amount of imagination. For example, a larder unit can make the room feel as homely as a farmhouse kitchen. Some people also prefer the flexibility that freestanding kitchen furniture offers, as these items are easier to move around if they want a fresh layout.

7) Aesthetic appliances

Matching modern appliances are invaluable in making your kitchen look polished and well put together. If you’re thinking about purchasing new kitchen appliances, then plan ahead and try to buy the same brand to ensure that the colours are an exact match. Co-ordinated appliances create an elegant and streamlined look – especially if you have adequate storage to hide any unsightly mismatched kitchen equipment away!

Replacing an old cooker with a modern induction hob also lends a seamless and clean finish to your cooking area. They’re often more efficient and easier to keep clean, too. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to cover the cost of brand new appliances, look for ex-display items from kitchen showrooms, which are usually available for a discounted price.

8) Upgraded kitchen flooring

New flooring can give a kitchen a great new lease of life. A well-finished floor in a durable material will form the perfect base for the rest of the room to work with. It’s definitely worth investing in a high-quality floor covering for your kitchen, because it needs to withstand the constant foot traffic and inevitable spills and stains that happen throughout daily life.

Whether you prefer tile, wood, vinyl, or laminate, there’s no right or wrong option here – but clever choices can create the beautiful clean lines that combine practicality with designer desirability. If luxury kitchen flooring isn’t financially viable, tile-effect vinyl flooring can create a similar effect at a fraction of the cost.

9) Updated kitchen walls

Tired walls can really bring the rest of the room down, so consider repainting or repapering the walls to freshen things up. Choosing a colour that complements your cabinetry is ideal, ensuring that your colour palette works together to create a considered and cohesive look. Remember to take the work surfaces and amount of natural light into account when selecting your new hues.

If you decide on a neutral wall colour, you can always bring in accents of brighter colours with some great wall art or funky kitchen accessories. Adding splashbacks in accent shades can provide a new aesthetic without much effort, whether in tile or glass. It’s easy to create a splashback effect on a budget simply by using a different patterned wallpaper in certain areas.

10) Finishing touches

Your final chance to create the wow factor lies in your choice of furnishings. Matching them to your current colour scheme creates a fully cohesive style, while choosing bold contrasting colours can express more personality. Interesting patterns such as herringbone or chevrons can provide a beautiful bespoke appearance, and co-ordinating items throughout the room such as curtains and seat cushions really ties everything together.

Soft furnishings don’t have to be made from luxurious materials to look good. Everything from oven mitts to tea towels can make a kitchen look high-end simply by using sophisticated patterns and colours. Adding cheerful plants and flowers to kitchen windowsills or tables, whether real or fake, can also breathe new life into the room.


Contact Kitchen Warehouse to invest in your home

So there you have it: the reasons you should revamp your kitchen, and a variety of ways you can do it without overspending. Kitchen renovations can seem a little daunting, but tackling small projects at a time makes the task feel much more achievable. We recommend that you plan all aspects of your design beforehand to help you create a kitchen that you’re truly proud of.

Not only will this make your home more enjoyable to live in right now, but it will also be much more attractive to buyers in the future. If you’re ready to make this investment, why not contact Kitchen Warehouse today to discover our range of high-quality yet affordable kitchen furnishings? Our expert team will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and assist you with anything that you might need.

Whether you’re interested in purchasing whole kitchen units, buying brand new replacement kitchen doors, or accentuating with stylish kitchen accessories, you’re sure to find all the elements you’d ever need to build a beautiful new kitchen when you browse the selection of products on the Kitchen Warehouse website.