At the time of writing, there’s a heatwave across the continent. Record temperatures are predicted and schools in France have been closed because of the heat. Meanwhile, on this side of the English Channel we’ve seen flash flooding and the month looks set to be the wettest June overall since records began. All in all, you might say it all sounds like typical British barbecue weather! What’s more, if you’re planning a get-together, the Great British summer is just so unpredictable that it pays to have barbecue ideas for inside and out.

Barbecue Ideas: Being outside when it rains

Of course, we do get plenty of sunny and completely dry days in this country. However, your barbecue ideas and contingency plans need to consider all eventualities.

You don’t want to hear yourself uttering that old British adage of ‘rain stops play’, do you?

A passing shower isn’t the end of the world.  Having said that, trying to juggle a spatula in one hand and an umbrella in the other is an accident waiting to happen!

There are a variety of barbecue ideas that can make your garden all-weather proof. However, the likes of patio umbrellas, BBQ canopies or retractable awnings are investments that few of us seriously consider. After all, it’s not as if we’re outside having a BBQ every night of the week.

Barbecue Ideas: Plan for the inside too

No, rather than spending a considerable amount of money protecting ourselves from the elements, the best barbecue ideas involve having plans for the inside too.

Bringing the party indoors doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shut out the alfresco atmosphere altogether. Keeping patio doors open still gives you that fresh air feel.

Naturally, when an barbecue is moved indoors, the kitchen becomes the central focus point. As the hub of the proceedings, the kitchen can be decked out with summer décor: bunting, tea lights and fairy lights all give a quintessential summery vibe.

If space allows, why not bring the garden furniture indoors to really give the kitchen or conservatory that outdoor look?

Bring the outside in to create a summer look

And there’s no need to stop there. Continue the creativity in other aspects too. You’re unlikely to be bringing out your finest bone china for the event anyway, but don’t even bring out your every-day dinnerware either. Delve into the back of those cupboards and old picnic packs for the bright, the plastic and the summery.

Combine this look with brightly coloured, plastic tablecloths splashed over tabletops and units and you maintain the fun, casual theme.

The sun might be nowhere to be seen and it’s raining buckets outside. However, you’ve moved your own little piece of summer inside!

Make the kitchen the focus of attention

If your kitchen opens up straight out the garden, it is the ideal scenario. Having said that, even if it doesn’t, the kitchen can still be where it’s all happening if you need to move your barbecue indoors.

And, from a purely culinary point of view, the kitchen should still have an important role to play in any barbecue – even if all your guests are basking in 25 degree sunshine outside.

If you are in need of some inspiration, check out The Best Cookery Books for Summer 2019. Regardless of what tickles your tastebuds, the very best barbecue cooking is a mix of traditional outdoor smoky charcoaling and a good old-fashioned indoor gas range hob. A hob is the perfect foundation for BBQ cooking. It gives a great base to get your food sizzling. Similarly, cooking meat indoors on a griddle pan helps you get that coveted smoky aroma.

Take full advantage of the kitchen

Furthermore, rain or shine, you should take full advantage of having a whole kitchen to play with. It’s an extra space to mingle and chat and to take a break from the sun. If it’s raining, around the kitchen island can be where it’s all happening.

Culinary barbecue ideas include using your oven as a slow cooker – perfect for pulled pork or ribs. It’s also the easy way of preparing some extra side dishes.

All in all, the message of this blog is simple – don’t let the unpredictable British weather dampen your spirits when it comes to barbecue planning. You can use the inside space within the home to great effect when it comes to entertaining

The kitchen can become the hive of cooking and social activity whatever the weather. Indeed, even if we are basking in glorious sunshine, it makes good sense to use the kitchen anyway. Speaking of kitchens, maybe you think it’s time for a new look? If so, get in touch with our team who will happy to offer you friendly and helpful advice