If you have a traditional kitchen style right now and you are looking to modernise the look to bring it up to speed with contemporary trends, this is the blog for you!

If your existing cabinets have a traditional style, you might be thinking that only a full kitchen overhaul will bring them in line with modern design thinking.

But you’d be wrong!

A kitchen transformation is easier than you might think

Fear not, a kitchen transformation can be achieved without the need for a completely brand new kitchen. In fact, there are several clever and ingenious ways you can modernise your traditional kitchen.

We will share practical and creative ideas with you so that you can see how you can update your existing traditional kitchens with super-stylish modern touches.

It needn’t cost the earth either; there are plenty of cost-effective methods you can employ to blend the warmth and classic design of a traditional kitchen with contemporary style and convenience.

grey modern kitchen

1. Introduce modern colour schemes

One way of creating a modern traditional kitchen is to introduce modern colour schemes to your kitchen cabinet doors. In fact, you don’t even need to get new kitchen cabinets. By simply switching up the fronts of your cabinet doors, you can transform your traditional style kitchen into something far more contemporary and still make a huge difference.

Modern Shaker – an irresistible blend of the classic and the contemporary

If we’re talking about contemporary vs classic, there can be no better or more appropriate place to start than with Modern Shaker kitchen units.

Why? Well, when it comes to classic and traditional cupboard doors, the Shaker – a staple of kitchen design for literally centuries – is what immediately springs to mind for many people.

What exactly is a Shaker-style kitchen?

Named after the religious movement of the 18th century, simple, practical minimalist design principles and a high level of craftsmanship are the order of the day when it comes to classic Shaker kitchen doors.

The Shaker style of symmetrical cabinets with distinctive framed panel doors remains a perennial favourite choice for kitchen doors and kitchen cabinets.

But while the Shaker is one of those kitchen styles that you think of when you think of traditional design, today’s versatile Shaker-style kitchens offer plenty of contemporary styling options. The Shaker is undoubtedly a kitchen classic – but it can also be a modern kitchen classic too if used in the right way.

The best modern colour schemes

In the Kitchen Warehouse Modern Shaker range, at one end of the scale come the likes of Mussel and Cashmere, or Porcelain and Ivory. These are light, airy, and soft tones – but modern interior design tends to favour darker and bolder shades.

Grey is a colour that is right on trend, and it’s no surprise to us that our Modern Shaker Dust Grey Kitchen Units are a Kitchen Warehouse bestseller.

For an even bolder look, both Heritage Green and striking Indigo doors will transform existing units into your modern dream kitchen in no time at all. And as you are simply replacing the doors – not the entire kitchen – it is a cost-effective practical solution too.

light kitchen

Solid wood, Handleless, and High Gloss Kitchen Doors

Of course, Modern Shaker isn’t the only option if you want to breathe new life into your kitchen and give it a more modern and contemporary feel. Solid Wood Painted Handleless Kitchen Units come in a range of bold and refreshingly modern tones. And for an ultra-modern look, High Gloss is a winner in any colour.

Contrasting door colours and backsplash combinations deliver a stunning way to modernise kitchen looks. Bold, dark, or bright pops of colour work brilliantly for backsplashes. Alternatively, go for dark doors and a lighter tone of a similar colour for the backsplash.

2. Upgrade to Smart Appliances

Another way to give your kitchen a new lease of life is to introduce new appliances to the space.

Firstly, no matter how modern your kitchen units look or are, if your appliances are old and tired, it is going to spoil the modern feel. Alternatively, bringing contemporary stainless steel appliances and the latest technology into the kitchen can be a great complement to – and fit in well with an existing traditional design.

The smart choice

Smart appliances are the obvious choice. These connect to the internet and can be controlled remotely. In the kitchen, this includes things such as ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators.

Not only will smart appliances transform an old kitchen into a new-looking kitchen in an instant, they will also be great for energy efficiency and your convenience.

Every day, cleaning and cooking tasks – and your life in general – suddenly become much easier.

At Kitchen Warehouse, we have a fantastic range of appliances to choose from. Add any of these items to your current kitchen, and you will be impressed with the results.

contemporary kitchen

3. Open Up the Space

Generally speaking, when we look to update our kitchens, we do this by adding new to old.

So, out go the old cabinets, and in come the new ones. But the kitchen installed is essentially in the same configuration as before – units in the same place and worktops in the same place.

Often, this does the trick perfectly. Simply replacing the existing drawer fronts in a different colour or style can create a great new look that feels like a brand new kitchen, even if it isn’t.

Other times, you can create a whole different feel and ambience for the kitchen by adding new flooring or new worktops. Sometimes even subtle changes can create a completely different look and rejuvenate even the most tired of spaces. Small details can have a big effect.

Create space… or the illusion of space

Unless a completely new kitchen installation is on the cards – or you are having an extension added to your home, we normally shy away from making structural changes or big changes to the overall layout of a kitchen.

But we all know how important space is in the home, especially the kitchen.

In fact, opening up the space you have to create a more open layout can be one of the most effective ways to modernise your kitchen.

open plan

Remove non-structural walls

Removing non-structural walls will open up the space and give you extra floor space and the opportunity for extra storage too. This, in itself, creates the illusion of space, as clutter on worktops and across the kitchen will make the space feel smaller.

If space allows in your kitchen design, a kitchen island is a great addition. With space all around the island, it really opens things up. Not only that, but new life is breathed into the space with the creation of a genuine focal point.

Add a mirror and use lighter colours as contrast to dark tones

Although contemporary styling and trends incorporate more dark colours than ever before, be careful not to overpower the space.

Lighter colours, as contrast, and the addition of mirrors can help to open things up. It will also make the room look naturally light and airy.

Replacing bulky cabinets with open shelving is another top tip; just be careful not to overcrowd the shelves with too much clutter, as this defeats the object of creating the illusion of space.

Opening up a space naturally gives the kitchen a more modern look, as open-plan living has become a staple of contemporary interior design.

modern lighting

4. Incorporate Contemporary Materials

Why not replace worktops or flooring with modern materials that offer durability and style?

Quartz or bamboo can be extremely eye-catching. They keep things on trend and can add a touch of charm to the kitchen.

Natural materials are always popular additions to a kitchen design too. Don’t underestimate how contemporary natural wood can look.

5. Modern Lighting Solutions

If a kitchen is poorly lit, it will look small and cramped. It will affect the ambience and won’t be a comfortable space to do anything in, especially food preparation and cooking.

The sheer range and versatility of modern lighting is such that whatever lighting-related issue or problem you may have, you can guarantee that there will be a contemporary lighting solution available that will solve the problem for you.

From installing pendant lights over an island to under-cabinet LED strips and strategically placed task lighting, well-chosen lighting can genuinely transform a kitchen.

Contemporary lighting solutions tend to be sleek and streamlined, which only adds to their modernity. For example, under-cabinet lighting fixtures are essentially invisible once they have been installed.

LED fixtures give the best overall lighting performance and the best energy efficiency.

Do you feel inspired?

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