We have been supplying the very best quality kitchens from our warehouse between Ripon and Thirsk for many years now.

Our aim has always been to supply the very best quality kitchen at wholesale prices and cut out the expensive middleman, otherwise known as the high street retailer. This allows us to provide a quality product at a fantastic price.

Your Yorkshire Kitchen Supplier Nationwide

Our kitchens are highly acclaimed in terms of quality and design and because of this our customer base is not just homeowners. We also have a large number of property developers, kitchen showroom dealer, design studios and building contractors as patrons too. These people understand the quality and the value for money they receive and know that if they go to a high street retailer for their kitchen they’re only going to end up paying a large markup, for what often is an inferior product.

We sell online and also through our showrooms and as an Internet kitchen retailer we realise that one of the greatest changes in human history came with the arrival of the web. It’s changed the way we communicate, educate and the way we shop.

If you are looking for value for money, look for an item on the web – it’s the world’s biggest marketplace. And kitchens are no exceptions to this.

The web cuts costs for businesses and like most savvy businesses, we are delighted to be able to give these savings directly back to you. It means we can offer high-quality kitchens at a fantastic price and in a way that allows for a huge choice. It’s a fantastic way to shop and something we are extremely happy we have adapted to.

Internet Kitchen Retailer

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Check out kitchen units from Kitchen Warehouse

Buying new complete kitchen units may seem like a little bit of a foreign concept to some people, however the savings, quality and the experience nowadays rival that of alternative means of purchase. Of course, you may ask – how do I buy a kitchen online?

We know that it’s not like buying a jumper or an electronic item from Amazon. A kitchen is a big expense and one that’s not easy to return in the same way you would a smaller consumer item. A kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s the main room and it’s a focal point and if you spend thousands of pounds on creating one that’s perfect for your home, you want to touch, feel and physically see the new product that you want to buy.

We all know somebody who has purchased a car from a catalogue in a specific colour only to find out that the tone that they chose looks quite dissimilar to the product they perceived they were getting. Nobody wants this to happen in the case of their kitchen.

So, we have a solution for anyone that decides to purchase a kitchen from us. In fact, it’s why we have dozens of people every weekend making their way from Scotland and London and elsewhere to see our fantastic showroom and to take a closer look at our fantastic range of kitchens.

Inviting people to our North Yorkshire showroom to check out the quality of the kitchens we supply is something we always relish. The consensus from our visiting customers is that simply the pictures on our site; don’t do the quality kitchens that we sell justice. Most people truly and honestly can’t believe the quality of the kitchens we offer and the price at which we can sell these kitchens. They visit our showroom and are amazed at what we offer in contrast to competitors and brands and it’s something that we love.

Our Kitchens Sell Themselves

We know our products sell themselves and that’s why when people come to our showroom, they’re generally left to their own devices. We realise that nobody wants a pushy, annoying salesperson following them around from sample, to sample telling them the A-Z about the kitchen. We understand that people know what they want and if they don’t are more than happy to ask one of our friendly staff a question or two about anything they feel unsure of.

Each and every one of our showroom staff are also kitchen fitters by trade, so they are in a highly qualified position to answer questions. They can offer tips on anything that you are worrying about and shed light on problem areas. They are here to help ensure that you receive a practical and functional kitchen that will look great and help your home reach its fullest potential.

If you offer a high-quality product at a very reasonable price like we do, then we know that we don’t need pushy salesmen. Good value is good value no matter how little or how much you push it and the people we have coming to our warehouse realise that.

Where to Buy a New Kitchen

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Kitchen cabinets and units from Kitchen Warehouse

Of course, not everyone can come to our showroom and track the length of our wonderful nation to come and see our kitchens. So, we provide for this too.

Anyone who wishes to see the quality of our kitchens but can’t get to our showrooms in North Yorkshire still can. Individuals who are interested in to see the quality of our kitchen doors can request a sample of the specific product they want to purchase.

If the person decides that they like what they see (and many do) then we are more than happy to refund the cost of the sample order if they wish to install the kitchen or unit in their home.

Obviously, if the person decides that they don’t want to go ahead with the order and the installation of a new kitchen for whatever reason, that’s fair enough. For people who decide on this route we also offer an option. We’re more than happy to offer them a full refund if they post us back the door or sample in the same condition we sent it. All they have to do is pay for the postage back to us and then we will refund the price in full. Now, you can’t get fairer than that in our opinion!

Advice on Buying a New Kitchen

If you’re looking for a new kitchen and decide to visit us we’d be delighted. Generally, we prefer when people come to visit us for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s a lot more personable and it allows us to provide you with the service you deserve.

Secondly, it’s also often a lot easier for communication to discuss things face to face. We advise our customers to get an idea of what they want before they make their way to see us. One great way to do so is to discuss it with a local showroom first and do some research. This often gives people a far better insight into the sort of thing that they are looking for.

A lot of people don’t understand to the fullest extent the options that are available to them when it comes to deciding on their fantastic new kitchen. It’s often a wise idea to even go as far as getting plans created or drawn up by a designer or someone who works in the kitchen business first. This allows you to see your options in their fullest and saves any time being wasted, allowing the person to get the kitchen they want installed, to their exact specifications as soon as is possible.

It’s something we advise and it makes the whole process of designing the best quality and most suitable kitchen a whole lot easier.

Visit Our Showroom

Our showrooms are open in Ripon, North Yorkshire and we would be delighted to have you come along and visit us to see the value our kitchens offer. Or if you wish to speak to one of our staff members about our kitchens or anything related please feel free to come along and do so either. We’re also more than happy to receive calls.

We know how hard it can be making a decision on a new kitchen and that is why we are here to answer all queries and questions and happy to assist you. We are open Monday to Friday 9:00 till 6:00 and Saturdays 10:00 till 3:30.