Many homeowners stand in their kitchen’s and think “this room could definitely do with a makeover!”

Not everyone has the financial means to completely renovate their kitchen. You might have some grand ideas for changing the layout, installing fantastic new kitchen cabinets or filling it with up to date appliances but the reality might be that you cannot afford to go all out.

This is why the team here at Kitchen Warehouse have compiled a list of four simple kitchen design ideas that you can use to update your kitchen. They will not take a lot of work and they will not break the bank either.

Kitchen artwork

Add some art to your kitchen design!

#1 Showcase Some Art

When people redesign kitchens they often focus on cabinets, doors and appliances however the walls are often neglected.

A great way in which to update your kitchen is to display some art on the walls. Keep it in line with a kitchen theme and put up some vintage kitchen pictures, traditional recipe pamphlets or contemporary art. This is a relatively cheap method but one which will rejuvenate a tired looking room.

#2 Decorate Your Fridge

We have all received fridge magnets at one time or another. While some people prefer their kitchens to look minimalist and sleek you can decorate the front of your fridge to enhance the look of your kitchen.

Stick some decorate magnets to the front or even add things like To Do Lists and calendars to add another dimension to the appliance and boost creativity.

#3 Experiment With Lighting 

Most kitchens have the standard ceiling lights and lighting under the cupboards. However do not be afraid to experiment a bit by adding different kitchen accessories or by opting for something that you would not usually find in a kitchen.

Adding a desk lamp or a stand lamp in the corner of the room can add extra light to your kitchen while illuminating and emphasizing different features. New lights and lamps are an inexpensive way in which to create a different look.

Simple kitchen design ideas

Bring nature to your room!

#4 Bring Outdoors Inside

Many of the best kitchens that we come across are those that add some greenery to the room. Put some herb and plant boxes on the window sill. Not only does this give you fresh ingredients to cook with (sage, basil and thyme are all good choices) but it adds different aromas too.

With just a few herb pots in your kitchen, you can create a centrepiece and an extra design for a small price.

At the Kitchen Warehouse Ltd, we do our best to advise our customers on how to get the most from their kitchens. This can be showing our customers the latest replacement kitchen doors or by offering them some simple kitchen design tips to enhance their home.

Not every alteration to your kitchen needs to involve paying out a large sum of money. While you can go for a completely new look for your kitchen sometimes even adding in basic and simple accessories change the way the room looks and can offer a short-term solution to a shabby and outdated design.

Contact the Kitchen Warehouse Limited if you have any questions or require any further information!

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