Smooth Shaker Replacement Kitchen Doors

We are excited to announce the introduction of the smooth shaker replacement kitchen doors to our large range of replacement kitchen doors.

We have been selling painted timber replacement kitchen doors for many years now, one of the questions we often get asked is if there is the option of doing a shaker painted kitchen door without the wood grain. We are happy to now be able to say, yes, we can.

We have two smooth shaker ranges called Florence and Georgia. These are two exciting styles of smooth painted shaker ranges perfectly composed with no visible wood grain and durability for modern living at the forefront of their composition.

Both of these replacement kitchen doors are made from HDF Board which is also known as high density fibre board. This material not only allows this door to be created in a one-piece design, but it ensures durability and product stability for years to come.

Brought about to modernise and replace the vinyl wrap door, this stunning simplistic design boasts a continuous product with no joins making cleaning them easier than ever.

We can offer these smooth shaker kitchen doors in two style options, Georgia or Florence, with both of these kitchen door ranges being available in five standard colours. These can be seen by clicking on the image of the kitchen range you like below.

The first one is called Georgia this what you would class as your more traditional style of shaker replacement kitchen door. It has an outer frame and inset centre panel with no beading or detailing around the edge of the centre panel, this is a very timeless design of shaker door with a modern and simplistic twist.

The second kitchen door range is called Florence. This is also a smooth painted shaker style kitchen door and is similar to the Georgia, apart from it has a small beading detail on the inside edge of the out the centre panel which adds a touch of class to this high end kitchen door.

Both of these replacement kitchen doors styles are produced with durability in mind. These doors are 18mm in thickness and can be delivered to your door in as little as 7 to 10 working days if you choose a standard colour option. To see which colours make up the standard colour options, select the range you require below and the next page will detail the standard colours offered in each range.

We can also offer a ‘paint to order’ option on these ranges however these will incur a slightly longer lead time. For more information regarding this, please feel free to contact us, or visit the specific kitchen door range for more information on the ‘paint to order’ options.

Please note that any orders produced in a paint to order option will be non returnable as per our terms and conditions of sale. For more information regarding made to order products, please contact us or visit our FAQ page.