Kitchen Accessories, these are one of the best ways to make your kitchen go from simple and plain to completely gorgeous and unique. Here Kitchen Warehouse lists the top 10 kitchen accessories that are already widely available and affordable that will make your kitchen stand out from the rest. From simple soft close hinges all the way to disposal units and wine coolers.

10. Plinth and Under unit Lights

Plinth and under unit lights are a reasonably cheap way to make your kitchen stand out. These lights can be placed under, above and below the units to give the room that much needed light at night. We would always recommend the led lights as these will last for ages before you need to do anything. For example, the general lifespan of LED lights is 50,000 hours. If you have your lights on for 10 hours every day they will last you 13.7 years! You can even get LED strips that change colour and can light the room for many different moods.

Lighting in the kitchen can create a world of difference to your kitchen as it bounces around and changes the colours of the kitchen as the day goes into the night. LED Kitchen Lights are a great way to do this at a cost-effective price.

9. Soft Close Hinges and Drawers

The doors and drawers are the main factors in how nice the kitchen looks and they are going to be the most used. Many people know of soft closing hinges and drawers but there seems to be an idea that they will tear a hole in your budget. The fact is that soft closing hinges and drawers are not that expensive. Having soft close hinges makes a world of difference and you will continually be impressed by your own kitchen when you no longer hear the banging of the doors/drawers and you can simply let them slowly close with no sound, no fuss and no damage. We get all our hinges and drawer boxes from Hettich a leading German manufacturer. Take a look at the video below:

8. Dividers

Dividers are the things that go inside drawers to split into different compartments. They are helpful for organizing your plates, dishes, cutlery, tins or anything else you can get your hands on. As well as making things easier it also makes it look nice. Having an organised kitchen is having a tidy kitchen. Dividers go all the way from simple drawer inserts to complete drawer systems that fold out and away.

Such systems like the one above will allow you to plan exactly what goes where and how it fits, enabling you to have a perfect kitchen in which nothing is misplaced.

7. Magic Corners

Most kitchens will have a corner base unit in them. These units normally become a place to shove thing that will never see the light of day again as its just too much hassle to try to reach all the way into them. Magic Corners turn this wasted space into something that looks nice and can actually be used! A magic corner is essentially is a pullout mechanism that comes nearly completely out of the unit.

6. Larder Pull Outs

Larder pull out units are getting on the bit more expensive side of things but they are one of the most impressive kitchen accessories. These are completely different to normal units as most of the time the door is not connected to the unit but to wire-work inside the unit which gives a different refreshing feel to the whole kitchen.

5. Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are cool in both ways. They are a good way to keep the bottles cool but in more ways, than one they are simply a feature to say “look how nice my kitchen is, I have a special place just for my wine bottles”. But this does work, people love this feature and will be envious of the fact that you do have a place just for keeping your wine bottles chilled. Is it worth it to you?

4. Waste Disposal Units

Waste disposal units are not just a fancy way of saying a rubbish bin. These are featured much much more in American homes, they are the things at the bottom of the sink that chew up all your leftovers and anything else that you might want rid of. They are extremely efficient and also help with recycling. But watch your fingers!

3. Integrated bin

This one is simple, an integrated bin sat inside a unit, The reason for someone doing this is that it hides the bin, and keeps the room tidy and very clean. Just like anything there are hundreds of different integrated bins, all the way to a simple pull out bin to complete wire-work and special pull out units made just for the purpose.

2. Power Pods

Power pods are great, They are towers of plug sockets that rise and lower from the worktop as you need them and slide away when you don’t. I wouldn’t recommend using these power pods as plugs for all your regular appliances as it sort of defeats the purpose of slide away power.

1. Glass Splashbacks

Glass Splash-backs can be used in almost any kitchen due to versatility and colours available.  Splashbacks like this are made with a coloured film behind which then has a glass top. They can be made to any size so they fit your space perfectly. Glass splashbacks are the perfect material for your kitchen being easy to clean and stain resistant. This is definitely one of the better choices for a kitchen.


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And there we have it, 10 of my favourite kitchen accessories, These are my opinions so you might have a different idea of yours, but please feel free to share!

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