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Soft Closing Kitchen Drawers

At Kitchen Warehouse, we exclusively use Hettich Innotech drawers in all our kitchen units, confident in their reputation as the best on the UK market.

Shallow Drawer Box
The Hettich soft closing shallow drawer box is available in a beautiful anthracite colour, making it perfect for your kitchen design. It looks great,... more info
Deep Drawer Box
The Hettich soft closing deep drawer box is perfect for adding efficient storage space to your kitchen. These quiet whisper drawers are coated in a... more info
Shallow Internal Drawer
These Hettich soft closing internal drawers are ideal for adding essential and efficient storage space to your kitchen. Designed to look great and... more info
Deep Internal Drawer
The Hettich soft closing anthracite drawers simply make sense, They look great, last a lifetime and perform exceptionally in the kitchen. The quiet... more info

Explore our range of high-quality kitchen drawers, all featuring the superior craftsmanship of Hettich, Germany's leading manufacturer. These undermounted, full-extension drawer slides ensure the entire drawer is accessible, providing optimal storage solutions for your kitchen.

Each Hettich soft closing drawer can support up to 30kg, making them versatile for all your kitchen storage needs, from heavy cast iron pans to delicate plates and bowls. Regardless of the drawer's width, from 300mm to 1000mm, the weight capacity remains consistent.

To further enhance your kitchen organisation, we also offer a range of internal drawer dividers and kitchen organisers, specifically designed for these luxury Hettich soft closing drawers. Discover how Kitchen Warehouse can help you tailor your kitchen to your unique cooking and storage needs.


Can kitchen drawers be converted to soft close?

Absolutely! Converting your kitchen drawers to soft close is a practical upgrade that enhances the functionality and lifespan of your kitchen. This process involves the installation of soft close drawer slides, which can be done with a few simple tools.

How do I make my kitchen drawers soft close?

Making your kitchen drawers soft close involves replacing your current drawer slides with soft close slides. These slides have a special mechanism that slows the drawer down as it closes, preventing it from slamming shut.

Are soft close drawers more expensive?

Soft close drawers can be slightly more expensive than standard drawers due to the additional technology and materials used in their construction. However, the added cost is often justified by the enhanced user experience and the extended lifespan of your kitchen drawers.

Why is my soft close kitchen drawer not closing all the way?

If your soft close drawer isn't closing all the way, it could be due to a few reasons. The drawer could be overloaded, the slides might be misaligned, or the soft close mechanism might be damaged.

How do you fix soft closing hinges?

Fixing soft closing hinges usually involves adjusting the hinge, cleaning it, or replacing it if it's damaged.

What makes soft close drawers work?

Soft close drawers work due to a mechanism in the drawer slide that uses hydraulic or pneumatic dampers and springs. When the drawer is closed, this mechanism slows down the closing action, preventing the drawer from slamming shut. For a more detailed explanation, check out our YouTube video that explains the inner workings of a soft close drawer slide hinge.