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Modern Shaker Kitchen Doors

Are you looking for an affordable and cost-effective way to update your kitchen? Opting for replacement kitchen doors - rather than choosing a completely new kitchen - is definitely the way forward and a very smart move indeed.

When it comes to kitchen design icons, there’s nothing out there to top modern Shaker replacement kitchen doors.

The idea is remarkably simple – but, then again, the best ideas usually are simple. So, instead of shelling out for a brand-new full kitchen refit, simply replace the doors. It gives the outward look of a full kitchen renovation and freshens up the space – often at a fraction of the cost of a full kitchen makeover.

Modern Shaker replacement doors are the ideal way to give your kitchen a refresh and a makeover. If you are already generally satisfied with your existing kitchen layout, there will be no better way to give the space a real lift than to add these Modern Shaker replacement doors.

Carrying on the proud Shaker tradition, Modern Shaker replacement doors provide the classic timelessness that Shaker kitchens are famed for, but – as the name suggests – these replacement doors offer a modern twist. This means that you can choose Modern Shaker replacement doors to help you create a traditional farmhouse look or add them to an ultra-modern open-plan space – you will be equally blown away by the results of each. Total satisfaction really is guaranteed.

Simply select the Modern Shaker door in the colour of your choice and the replacement door sizes that you require online to get an instant quotation, with no commitment to purchase. If you prefer, you can also email details of the doors you require to  and we will be in touch with a no-obligation quote for you.

There are plenty of colours to choose from when it comes to Modern Shaker kitchen doors. In all, there are 8 sumptuous shades to pick from. There really is something for all tastes. At one end of the scale, you really need to see the cutting edge looks of the darkest tones available in the Modern Shaker range: Indigo and Graphite. These are imposing and eye-catching tones, but not in a way that will overpower the space.

Grey is very much a colour that is in vogue right now in interior design terms – right across the home, but there’s something particularly impressive and special about a grey kitchen. This would explain its popularity right now with people choosing new kitchens. A simple way of bringing your existing units up-to-date would be to opt for Light Grey or Dust Grey replacement doors. For a lighter and airy feel, Cashmere, Mussel, Ivory and Porcelain provide you with a wealth of attractive options.

Modern Shaker replacement doors have a close resemblance to the original Shaker-style cabinets, but with a modern twist to bring everything right up to the present day. The 22mm PVC Shaker door is embossed with wood grain, ensuring that hard wearing durability is guaranteed, along with stunning looks. Not only that, you also get the look of painted timber at a fraction of the cost of painted real wood.

In keeping with the tradition of solid timber door manufacture, Modern Shaker doors are crafted from 5 pieces, in true Shaker-style, rather than from a single routed piece.

These Modern Shaker replacement doors will create a stunning look of painted timber, combined with unbeatable and unrivalled durability, but without the hefty price tag that would be associated with a real painted timber kitchen.

What could be better than that? Your kitchen gets a makeover and a great new look – that is long-lasting and reliable – and all at a fraction of the cost of buying a complete new kitchen

All Modern Shaker replacement doors will be delivered undrilled. This means that you will be able to choose any style of handle for your new kitchen doors. Being undrilled it means that it will be effortless to fit them to your existing units.

We are always on hand to help, so if you have any questions regarding Modern Shaker replacement doors, or you require dimensions and sizes that you cannot find on our website, please do not hesitate to get in touch to speak to one of our expert team members. Simply give us a call on 01765 640 000.

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