If you are considering changing the layout or décor of your kitchen then you will be most likely considering getting new kitchen units or doors. While there is an abundance of materials available from which to use for your units, one of the most popular is solid wood.

The Kitchen Warehouse team have outlined a number of benefits to the use of solid oak kitchen doors in your home. Check them out below!


Over the last few years, a large portion of the population has been making more of an effort to live an eco-friendly life. They do things like recycling and purchasing goods from reusable or sustainable materials. Our oak kitchen doors range are all made from wood that has been sourced from some of the most sustainable forests in Europe. A sustainable forest is one where is a tree is felled so that the timber can be used for things such as replacement kitchen doors that they are replaced with seeds that will eventually grow into another tree in its place.


Solid Oak Kitchen DoorsConstructed using a five-piece method, these oak kitchen cabinet doors are delivered to you completely undrilled. This is done to allow you to drill holes for your door handles in a place of your choice or to allow you to can the door in the position which corresponds to the kitchen units already installed in your home.

As well as this, if you are unsure of the wooden style you wish to place in your kitchen you can order samples of our various styles such as the Jefferson, Madison or Wakefield styles. This is done to ensure our customers pick the perfect oak kitchen doors for their property.

Affordable Kitchen

Because our oak kitchen doors are being used to simply replace your kitchen doors rather than the entire unit they are surprisingly cheap. They are also considerably cheaper than having a full kitchen rip out or overhaul, so if your budget is a little tight or you are looking to save money in this area to spend on other parts of the kitchen then look no further than our solid wood replacement kitchen doors which are extremely affordable.


Another benefit to solid oak kitchen doors is that they were extremely versatile when it comes to the overall décor of your kitchen. In terms of the colours, you wish to paint your walls or the materials you wish to use for your worktops, oak kitchen doors are well versed to fit in with pretty much every scheme.

Be it dark or lighter colours you are looking to use in your kitchen redecoration, you can rest safe in the knowledge that by choosing wooden replacement kitchen doors you can seamlessly add them into your kitchen.

If you wish to discuss solid wood kitchen doors in more detail then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced, knowledgeable team by calling them on 01765 640 000. You can contact us via our email address contact@kitchenwarehouseltd.com. Our staff will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and to answer any questions you have.