If your old kitchen is looking tired, but funds are limited you may ask yourself how can I get a cheap kitchen? Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we have the answer. We offer a wide range of stunning kitchens, all at an affordable price.

There’s no reason that your new kitchen should break the bank, but at the same time we know that you want to ensure that you have a kitchen to be proud of – after all, it’s often the heart of your home, and a space which is used often, so you need to make sure that your new kitchen is built to withstand everyday use.

If you are looking to buy a cheap kitchen, we explore some of the ways in which not only can you source your kitchen units at an affordable price, but how to keep other costs down too.


where can i buy a cheap kitchenWhere Can I Buy A Cheap Kitchen?

Kitchen Warehouse offers a wide range of kitchen styles and colours to suit almost any budget. From traditional shaker and solid wood units, to bang up to date contemporary styles in the most modern of colours, we prove that inexpensive doesn’t mean compromising on either quality or choice.

As kitchen manufacturer who deals directly with the public as well as our trade partners, we are able to offer homeowners quality kitchens at affordable prices, cutting out the middleman and allowing you to buy an affordable kitchen directly from us, saving you not only money but also time, as many of our kitchens can be delivered within just 10 days.

As we make our kitchens ourselves and keep our overheads low by selling mainly online, it gives us the opportunity to sell to our customers at the lowest prices possible, meaning that you can benefit from getting a kitchen that offers you great value.

So to answer how can I get a cheap kitchen? Just take a look through our website!


How To Change My Kitchen On A Budget

If you are just looking for a fresh look, rather than a complete kitchen remodel, there are plenty of ways in which you can give your kitchen a makeover without having to spend a fortune. Many of our customers choose to buy replacement kitchen doors, rather than completely refitting their kitchen, as an affordable alternative.

This is a great option if your kitchen is in generally good condition, and you are happy with the layout but have grown tired of the kitchen style, or colour. Choosing to replace kitchen doors give you the opportunity to get a completely new look and feel, without the cost, or the hassle of a complete replacement.


Cashmere Colour KitchenDo I Need To Pay A Designer?

Generally speaking, you should not have to pay for a kitchen designer. Unless you are considering using an interior designer as part of a wider project, such as a kitchen extension, or full home remodel.

While many kitchen company’s offer a free design service, the reality is that this is recouped within the cost of your kitchen – after all, they need to pay for the staff that come to do the design. Additionally, quite often, kitchen designers that come from kitchen company’s are more “sales people in disguise” and can be quite persistent.

We have recently put together a pack which allows you to plan your own kitchen – we offer a graph pack and a video which helps you to measure and plan your new kitchen. After all – it’s your home and you know what you want best.


How Much Does Kitchen Installation Cost?


The costs of using a tradesman to fit your kitchen can vary hugely as it is dependent on a range of factors including the size of your kitchen and number of units, the complexity of installation, and also quite often, your location – costs in the South tend to be higher than in the North for example.

However, the beauty of buying your units directly online means that you are free to shop around for the best kitchen installer – or, can even consider installing the units yourself. We have several guides on our website to installing units yourself.

However, if you are not comfortable doing so, why not check out some local trades? There are some items to consider – firstly does your old kitchen need removing? Make sure to ask for costs on this. Also, many kitchen fitting company’s will offer a “dry fit”. This means that they will install the kitchen, but you will need to separately source a plumber to do things such as connect washing machines and dishwashers.


However you want your kitchen to look, here at Kitchen Warehouse, we allow you to get your dream kitchen at an affordable cost.