During our youth, we were all excited by the idea of getting the paint out, right? When it wasn’t covering the tables in an assortment of colours, it was used to bring out our imagination. One lesson we learnt from those early experiences is that paint is a great way of giving you the licence to decorate your home in whatever way you see fit! For many, their initial thought is that paint is only limited to your walls, but you will be glad to find the potential for plenty of depth for your painted kitchen ideas.

So let’s take a look, shall we?

Painted kitchen units

Kitchen units are a great way of keeping all of your essentials in a safe space that is broad, giving you the room you need to keep all of your equipment for preparing food, cleaning, (or snacking!) organised across your room. They can be painted in whatever colour you wish, giving them a fresh new look, to keep the aesthetic of your room appealing.

Painted kitchen doors

You can’t have kitchen units without kitchen doors to complete the look! The kitchen doors are what you are met with when you initially look at a kitchen. This means you should think long and hard about the colour of your kitchen doors to ensure that they are something you feel comfortable looking at.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse we have many kitchen cabinets and doors on offer in a range of unique colours, be sure to check them out today!

Painted kitchen tiles

Tiles are a great way of adding a durable material to your kitchen, whilst giving you the potential to create a patterned look to switch things up. Their rugged material means that they are ideal for dealing with the wear and tear that inevitably comes with the territory.

By adding a mosaic design to your kitchen, you are able to make your room stand out and feel individual to you. Tiles can be in one colour throughout, a variety of shades, or even different colours entirely. They give you the license to be creative in a way that you perhaps wouldn’t with the rest of your room.

Painted kitchen walls

In most kitchens, the colour of the walls and kitchen doors are what draws somebody’s eye when they first walk into the room because they take up the most area. So, before you put your painted kitchen ideas into practice, it’s important to consider the shade of this carefully and make sure that you are happy with the combination! There are many ideas out there to ensure your walls are painted in a colour that complements your doors perfectly. All it takes is a little research to find your perfect hue.

Painted kitchen splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks are another area of the room that get disregarded by homeowners during the design process. If you feel like experimenting with your colourway a little, or even want to add a different pattern to your décor, they are a fantastic way of doing so. They can be made with the aforementioned painted kitchen tile or through coloured glass, giving you a sturdy material to cope with the mess that usually occurs when washing up by the sink or preparing food on the worktops.

If you’re looking to add a pop of colour in your kitchen, then definitely don’t gloss over (pardon the pun!) painted kitchen splashbacks, they can make a real difference to your overall design.

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