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Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Undermount kitchen sinks are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that there are so many solid surface worktops available now. Solid surface worktops include granite, quartz, solid woods and acrylic styles including Corian and Mistral. Our Undermount kitchen sinks can be fitted to the underside of any of these solid worktops, making them extremely easy to incorporate into your kitchen design. You cannot, however, fit this style of kitchen sink to a laminate worktop. Undermount kitchen sinks are a true statement of luxury in modern kitchen design and they’re guaranteed to make your kitchen look stunning.

We sell modern Undermount kitchen sinks for the very contemporary kitchen design, as well as more traditional sinks such as ceramic Belfast sinks for the farmhouse style kitchens. All Undermount kitchen sinks bring a very clean, elegant feel to any style of kitchen design as there are no edges around the sink for dirt to collect over time. Undermount kitchen sinks also make the work surface seem bigger as the drainer grooves tend to be cut into the worktop to form a draining board area, enhancing the overall look of the kitchen.