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True Handleless Kitchens

Handleless Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home, and with modern design innovations, we see the rise of the true handleless kitchen. Sleek, functional, and contemporary, this design is redefining the modern kitchen experience. Read on to understand what true handleless kitchens are and why they might be the perfect choice for your home.

What are True Handleless Kitchens?

Unlike traditional kitchens that come with visible handles on the cabinet doors and drawers, true handleless kitchens offer a clean and uninterrupted design. They feature a recessed rail system that's built into the cabinetry, allowing you to open doors and drawers without the need for external handles.

True Handleless Kitchen Pricing

At Kitchen Warehouse Ltd, we prioritize the quality and precision of our designs. While we understand the allure of true handleless kitchens, due to their intricate nature, we do not offer them directly online. These designs require a more personalized touch to ensure perfection. If you're interested in a true handleless kitchen, please provide us with your plans, and we'd be more than happy to assist you.

Get in touch with us at or call us at 01765 640 000 for a tailored quotation.

Recessed Rail System

Benefits of a True Handleless Kitchen

Sleek Design

The absence of protruding handles offers a minimalist and sophisticated look, perfect for modern homes.


Without handles, there's a reduced risk of catching clothing or injuring oneself on sharp handle edges, making it especially safe for homes with children.

Space Saving

The handleless design eliminates the need for space around handles, providing more usable worktop and walkway space.


Less crevices and protrusions mean fewer places for dirt and grime to build up, making cleaning easier and more efficient.


The recessed rail systems are available in various finishes and colors, allowing homeowners to customize according to their style preferences.

Things to Consider When Opting for a True Handleless Kitchen

  • Budget: While true handleless kitchens can be a bit pricier due to the specialized cabinetry required, many homeowners find the benefits outweigh the costs.
  • Maintenance: Ensure that the rail system is kept clean to maintain the smooth operation of doors and drawers.
  • Design Compatibility: While they offer a modern look, it's essential to ensure that the design aligns with the overall aesthetics of your home.


True handleless kitchens offer a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and safety. As with any design choice, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons and consider how it aligns with your lifestyle and preferences. If you're seeking a modern, sleek, and efficient kitchen design, going handleless might be the perfect choice for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

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