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Overmount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

The majority of kitchens will have an over-mount stainless steel sink in them, These are your standard sink that fit all your needs while being at a brilliant price.

  • Centurio 1.0

    Centurio 1.0

    This luxurious stainless steel, inset sink has one large bowl and a full size drainer. Created using only the very finest quality stainless steel to...

  • Centurio 1.5

    Centurio 1.5

    SPEEL GOES HERE Dimensions: (W)x(D)x(h) Sink Size: 940mm x 490mm x 180mm Bowl Size: 360mm x 420mm x 180mm Second Bowl Size: 160mm x 300mm x 130mm...

  • Diplomat 1.0

    Diplomat 1.0

    A bold and beautiful sink, this model will really make a style statement in your kitchen. With an elongated rectangular bowl and full drainer, this...

  • Diplomat 1.5

    Diplomat 1.5

    This 1.5 bowl model is ideal if you only have a few dishes to wash and want to save water by not filling the large sink. Should you have a lot of...

  • Diplomat LUX 1.5

    Diplomat LUX 1.5

    Smooth, sophisticated and classy aren't superlatives usually given to sinks, but this one deserves every one of them. The design incorporates a full...

  • Duchess


    As elegant and stylish as the lady who shares its name, the Duchess sink offers both sleek design and outstanding performance. These insets sink only...

  • Galacia


    Smaller than your average sink but not the less contemporary, the Galicia is the perfect fit for any minimalist kitchen. The curves of this inset...

  • Jumbo


    The biggest of all our inset sinks, this model demands a 900mm cabinet to accommodate it. This sink tells everyone you mean business and want one...

  • King 1.5

    King 1.5

    An exceptional addition to our range of stainless steel inset sinks, this model gives you 1.5 bowls and a full sized drainer. This offers both...

  • Minister 1.0

    Minister 1.0

    Big, bold and beautiful, this sink really stands out in a crowd. The large, square bowl makes for quick and easy dish washing while the capacious...
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  • Monaco 90

    Monaco 90

    A very neat sink that has been designed for today's modern kitchens, this Monaco inset sink will fit right in with your lifestyle. There really is...

  • Monte Carlo 90

    Monte Carlo 90

    In todays busy households sometimes a single bowl sink just doesn't cut it. If you are looking for that extra something extra without compromising on...

  • Prince 1.5

    Prince 1.5

    With 1.5 bowls and a capacious drainer, this model is a seriously stylish sink that combines extreme functionality with a high aesthetic value. Ideal...

  • Regent 1.0

    Regent 1.0

    This stainless steel model benefits from being an inset sink and has a reversible drainer so you can decide which side you want it on. The soft...
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  • Regent 2.0

    Regent 2.0

    What is better than a top quality stainless steel sink that will still look fantastic after years of use? A double top quality stainless steel sink;...
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  • Regidrain


    The perfect sink for the smaller kitchen, this insert model benefits from a good sized bowl and a smaller drainer rack. Ideal for singles and couple...

  • Round Bowl

    Round Bowl

    If you are in the need of a top quality inset stainless steel inset sink look no further. This is simply a stylish and elegant bowl to suit a...

  • Round Bowl Set

    Round Bowl Set

    Stylish and functional, this round bowl set of sinks are of the inset type and made from the highest grade stainless steel. Just two great looking...

  • Valencia


    The inspired design of the Valencia model makes it aesthetically pleasing, functional and perfect for a contemporary kitchen. Despite it being an...

  • Zeta 90

    Zeta 90

    Another low profile, inset sink with a refreshingly modern design. Here, straight lines combine with gentle curves on the drainer area and tap ledge...

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