About Us


We are a family owned business in Ripon, North Yorkshire. We have been trading as Kitchen Warehouse UK LTD for around 14 years now. We are a kitchen manufacturer and have been supplying high quality kitchens to the trade since we started. Our main business is supplying luxury high street kitchen showrooms up and down the country. A lot of the kitchen showrooms and designer kitchen studios you will find on your local high street and in your town/city centre are only a design service. They will all have beautiful kitchen displays and well-groomed sales staff and designers that will offer you a free design service, they will come to your home and design you a stunning looking kitchen that is pleasing to the eye as well as practical, hopefully taking on your ideas and desires with throwing in their experience and inspiration.

After they have measured your kitchen and designed you a beautiful plan, they will give you a price for the supplying and installation of your fantastic new kitchen, you then agree on a price for the new kitchen design to be supplied and all the work involved in the installation of your new kitchen design to be carried out. Upon agreeing to the work been carried out and paying your deposit payment, the kitchen showroom will then get in touch with a kitchen manufacturing company such as ours to make the required kitchen cabinets for your new kitchen design. As most kitchen showrooms are just a design service and don’t have the facilities or knowledge to manufacture the kitchen cabinets themselves, this makes them the middle man as most companies like ours will not deal direct with the public.

When Britain was in a recession, we decided to diversify our business and looked at why we were only selling our product to high street kitchen showrooms, high end designer kitchen studios, property developers, builders and kitchen fitters. We thought to ourselves what difference does it make to us as a business if we sell to the general public, rather than just companies who are putting a large mark up on the products we supply? After much deliberation we decided if somebody has a design for their new kitchen and they know what kitchen cabinets, side panels, plinths, cornice, etc. they require for their home, then why should they not be able to deal direct with the manufacturer of the product and save themselves the kitchen showrooms mark up.

This was a real turning point for us as a company, we built a simple to use website that was clearly priced with no hidden extras that made it easy for anyone to price up all the kitchen cabinets they needed in style of kitchen they wanted. We then decided that if a customer was not able to visit our showroom to see the quality of the kitchens we offered, the easiest way for a customer to have a look at the quality of our kitchen doors was to offer a cheap sample service whereby that the cost of the sample would be refunded after the customer had bought their kitchen or replacement kitchen doors.

We manufacture all of the cabinets on site and employ many local people, taking a particular interest in their professional development. Reducing staff turnover keeps the staff passionate about their profession and ensures that our time is taken up with delivering quality service rather than recruiting staff. We don’t make kitchen doors ourselves, but we do deal direct with the biggest and best kitchen door manufactures across Europe, we don’t make kitchen doors because that is not our main business and we are big believers in doing what you do best and letting other companies do what they do best. We are a kitchen manufacturer and we do deal with nearly every kitchen door manufacturing company across Europe. Most of these companies will only deal with you if you spend a minimum of £50,000 per year with them on kitchen doors. Due to this relationship with these major players in our industry, we can offer you some of the best kitchen doors on the market at the moment, whether it be the latest products and designs to hit the market place or newly discovered techniques in manufacturing of the kitchen doors you will get it here first and at the best price.

We have no doubt that you will be able to buy a cheaper kitchen from some places cheaper than you can from us as we are not in the market of selling low quality budget kitchens, but one thing is for sure you won’t buy the same quality of kitchen we sell for the same price or cheaper anywhere else. That is a fact.

We believe in selling high quality kitchens at an affordable price. We only use the highest of quality components. All of our units are made from egger board which is one of the leading board manufactures in the world. All of our drawers and hinges are full soft closing, these are also made by one of the leading manufactures in the world, a German company called Hettich. You will find these hinges and drawers in most top end German manufactured kitchens, they are of the highest of quality product that are designed to last the test of time. The soft closing drawers have a 25kg weight capacity per drawer.

The hinges have a built in soft closing piston inside the hinge that is designed to slow the door down for the final 30 degrees as well as self-close the doors for the final 30 degrees.

We believe in supplying you with a high quality kitchens that are made up of the best possible components, but still giving you good value for your money, at the end of the day we are Yorkshire men after all!


There are a couple of kitchens we don’t supply

One type of kitchen that we don’t offer is in-frame kitchens. This mainly because of all the problems that come with in-frame kitchen. The doors and drawers can rub on the frames with time, removing the paint work or lacquer and they require constant maintenance with hinge and drawer adjustment. This is due to the small margin around the kitchen door or drawer front to the frame, it can be as simple as a heavy item like a big pan being placed in a drawer or removed from a drawer that causes the frontage to move and rub on the frame. We do think they look amazing when fitted, but we believe that not every kitchen is a show kitchen. Most people need their kitchen to work for them and their kitchen should be a practical and functional working space that is low maintenance as well as attractive.

The other kind of kitchen cabinets that we don’t offer is ones that are fitted with vinyl pressed kitchen doors. We can get these doors however, we don’t sell these on our website at all. Or through our showroom unless someone is absolutely adamant that is what they want them.

We will try and talk them out of it and explain all the down sides to these doors if possible as they have no longevity and don’t function well in a kitchen due to the heat and condensation. These kitchen doors are what I would class as a low quality kitchen door, they are manufactured using an old fashioned technique, where a pattern is machined out of a piece of MDF and then a piece of vinyl is glued around the kitchen door. I would say these have a life span of around 2-3 years if you are lucky. You may have seen these doors. They are the ones where the covering on front of the kitchen doors starts to peel off on the back corner of the door, exposing a sharp brittle vinyl edge that come away from the door. The first place to peel away is around the cooker area, where the glue is constantly getting warmed up and softened, the next place is around the sink where the doors get wet on a regular basis. The other place is above the kettle where the doors are exposed to both heat and moisture from the steam of the kettle.

A lot of kitchen companies still sell these types of kitchen cabinets. They are a low quality of kitchen, avoid them like the plague. If the kitchen you have been quoted for has vinyl pressed doors… grab your coat and run and don’t look back! You will be replacing your kitchen doors in 3-4 years if it lasts that long and we bet the kitchen door you bought has been discontinued by then and replaced with another design of vinyl wrap.

Every kitchen door manufacturer only offers a 1 year warranty with their doors. So get a good quality kitchen door. We don’t sell vinyl pressed kitchen doors or vinyl wrapped kitchen doors, as they go against what we are about as a company, and the service we aim to achieve for our customers. We believe in recommendations and repeat business and you won’t get either if you are selling this kind of kitchen doors.

Who should fit your new kitchen?

We would always recommend getting a professional kitchen fitter to fit your kitchen, there are hundreds of talented good quality kitchen fitters up and down the country. There is a big difference between a kitchen fitter who fits kitchens every week of the year and a joiner who does 3 or 4 a year, and an even bigger difference between a professional kitchen fitter and a builder, so imagine the difference between a professional kitchen fitter who specialises in kitchen installations and an office worker having a go at fitting his own kitchen.

A professional kitchen fitter will have all the correct tools to do the job properly. Generally, kitchen fitters are top of their game and perfectionists with their work, they will have lots of little tricks of the trade they will have picked up over the years as well. We would always try to get a professional kitchen fitter to install your kitchen. Be prepared to wait for them though as most good kitchen fitters will be fully booked up for 5-6 weeks minimum.

We do offer a fitting service but we will only do kitchen installations within a 60 mile radius of Ripon. The areas we will install your kitchen are as follows; Ripon, Harrogate, York, Leeds, Wetherby, Ilkley, Yeadon, Otley, Skipton, Bedale, Catterick, Northallerton, Darlington and all the areas in-between. We have 8 teams of professional kitchen fitters that subcontract to us on a regular basis.

Both directors came from a fitting background, so they do know the job pretty well. Plus, all the fitters who work for us also know that we know what we are talking about, so they always work to a fantastically high standard.

If we are doing your kitchen installation we will only supply your kitchen as rigid kitchen cabinets not flat-packed (Please see rigid units further down).

The difference between an expensive looking kitchen and a cheap looking kitchen is the quality of the fitting of the kitchen itself. It is all down to the attention to detail the finishing of it and final few touches that make all the difference. So in my opinion we would always say get a professional to install your new kitchen, but that is obviously completely your choice.


Kitchen worktops

We do supply kitchen worktops locally but due to the length, weight and difficulty transporting them we don’t offer kitchen worktops to be bought online through our website.

The kitchen worktops that we do supply locally are 4 meter Egger laminate worktops and 3.6 meter laminate axiom worktops by Formica.

We also supply locally Mistral 25mm solid acrylic worktops and Slab-tech 30mm Acrylic worktops.

We supply a wide range of exotic Solid wood worktops, which are Solid oak, Beech, Teak, Walnut, Iroco, Wenge and Sapeli these are available in different lengths 2 meter, 3 meter, 4 meter and different thicknesses 27mm, 40mm, 60mm not all lengths are available in all thicknesses or species of timber.

Granite and Quartz and Corian we would recommend dealing with a granite company local to you, search the internet to find the nearest one to yourselves.

Kitchen appliances

We don’t supply kitchen appliances, mainly due to the fact that you can now buy your new kitchen appliances direct from the internet at the same price as we would buy them for as a kitchen manufacturer. We would recommend buying your new kitchen appliances from AO.com or a similar company. We can help you out with the appliances you require to fit your kitchen design and give you guidance on the dimensions they need to be and what to look out for when selecting your appliances.

Kitchen sink and tap

We offer a good selection of kitchen sinks and taps to buy online. All of our kitchen sinks and taps are made by Reginox. There are two kinds of kitchen sinks. You have an over mounted kitchen sink which sits on the surface of the worktop and then there is an under mounted kitchen sink which is fitted beneath the work surface.

If you have laminate worktops you will always require an over mounted kitchen sink, this is because the laminate worktop will swell up if it is exposed to regular amounts of moisture. Over mounted kitchen sinks come with either a single bowl or a bowl and a half design. They are made from many different materials such as stainless steel, resin composite / granite and ceramic. If you have a solid surface worktop you can still install an over mounted kitchen sink if you wish, but most people prefer the look of having a under mounted kitchen sink, this means the sink is fitted underneath the work surface. 90% of people who have under mounted kitchen sinks will have drainer grooves cut into the surface of the worktop to act as draining area to direct any excess water back into the sink bowl. Under mounted kitchen sinks come in both a single bowl and bowl and a half designs, the same as an over mounted sink, and are made from the same selection of materials, stainless steel, resin composite / granite and ceramic.

Flat Packed Kitchen Cabinets

All of the kitchen cabinets we sell online through our website are delivered to your home as flat-packed kitchen units, they are all very easy to assemble with clear instructions to follow. They are all fully soft closing and of the highest of standards. With some of the kitchen ranges we offer, the doors will need to be drilled by the customer when building the kitchen cabinets. This is due to the fact that some kitchen door ranges are directional, this means the doors need to be fitted a certain way up due to metallic flecks in the finish of the door or a handle groove which means if we were to drill the hinge hole on these doors we would need to know if the door was a left handed or right handed and a base unit or wall unit, so we don’t drill certain kitchen doors but to make it easy for you to do it we provide a hinge hole drill bit and a template tool for making the hinge hole position.

All of the kitchen units we supply through our website are made according to each customer’s personal order. They are full soft closing and supplied in the colour that is stated as the carcase colour at the top of the page on each individual kitchen unit page. If you would like a different colour cabinet to what is stated at the top of the page, we would need it in writing via an email within 1 hour of the order been placed on the website. All orders of kitchen units placed over £1000 through the website will be delivered free of charge, orders placed on the website of kitchen units that are under £1000 will be delivered at a charge of £60.

Flat packed deliveries

We deliver all internet orders by an external courier company, most orders will be delivered as a kerb side pallet delivery. You will need to ensure that there is at least one strong person available to accept the delivery as the courier company will unload the pallet from the vehicle to the kerb side. Once at the kerb side, the pallet and the contents is the responsibility of the customer to empty into the property and the pallet to dispose of. Before the pallet is dispatched we will call you to confirm that someone will be at the property to accept delivery the following day. We will not dispatch any order without confirmation that there will be someone at the property to receive delivery. If confirmation has been given and there is no body to accept delivery when the pallet arrives, there will be a redelivery charge of £100. If you call us after 10am on the morning of your delivery, we will be able to give you a rough idea of time your delivery.

All orders of flat-packed kitchen units placed over £1000 through the website will be delivered free of charge, orders placed on our website of kitchen units that are under £1000 will be delivered at a charge of £60 per order.


Rigid Kitchen Cabinets

For orders placed through our showroom via our sales staff, we do offer a service where we will supply your new kitchen as pre constructed rigid kitchen cabinets. This means that your new kitchen cabinets will be individually built up. All drawer boxes and any required pull out mechanisms will be installed into the cabinets. We will then fit all the kitchen doors and drawer fronts to each of your new kitchen cabinets. Every kitchen unit will be individually checked by one of our operatives then wrapped up and palletised ready for dispatch on a day convenient for you. The lead time on this service is roughly one week longer than the lead time stated on the website for same range of kitchen to be delivered as a flat-packed kitchen. We charge 10% more for this service, which we cap at £500 per kitchen and the delivery cost is at £1 per mile from HG4 5LZ.

Rigid Kitchen Deliveries

All Rigid kitchen orders placed in the showroom will be delivered on our own transport. We only have one member of staff on every vehicle so there will need to be at least one strong person available to accept delivery of the order. Our driver will be able to help you off load your order to the front door of the building, but our drivers are not insured to enter the property. From the front door of the building it is the responsibility of the customer to get the order to where they would like it to be situated. Please contact us if you want to discuss this in further detail as we are happy to try to facilitate your individual needs.

Visiting our kitchen showroom

We would always recommend visiting our kitchen showroom to see the quality of the units we offer and the finish and colour of our kitchen cabinet doors. We would always recommend ringing ahead to let us know you are coming to see us although this is not essential. We always aim to have one of our extremely knowledgeable showroom staff available to help customers with their requirements and so if we are expecting you, we will ensure they available at the time of arrival. Most of our showroom staff our kitchen fitters by trade, which means they will be able to look at your plan from a fitting point of view and advise you if your plan works for the space, but more importantly if they can see any errors in the proposed kitchen plan.

We are more than happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you and advise you of the advantages to the different ranges of kitchens we offer. If you have had a design done for your new kitchen please bring it with you, we would also recommend bringing with you a sketch of the room dimensions on a separate piece of paper. Going all the way round the Room in (mm). For example, ‘from the corner of the room to the window 1220mm, across the window 1540mm, from the window to the corner 1580mm’ and so on around the room.

Remember to label any items that might be important for us to know about and the dimensions they are and the distances from the wall, for example boiler, gas meter or fuse box to name a few.

This is not crucial to have when visiting our showroom but would be very helpful for us to check your plans against to be able to give you some peace of mind.

We don’t believe in having pushy sales men. It is not something we have ever done or will ever do. We believe in the fact that our kitchens sell themselves. We offer good quality kitchen cabinets and high quality kitchen doors at a reasonable price, I would class our showroom staff as product advisors rather than sales staff, they are there to explain the differences between the different products we offer, offer advice if you need any, and process your order if you like what you see. We don’t believe in inflating our prices to offer massive 50%, 60% and 70% sales and trade discounts.

Our prices are the same price all year round, we will give you a quotation for what you need in your kitchen, and we will then keep a copy for ourselves. If you feel you would like to order at a later date, it will be filed under your surname with the person you dealt with in the showroom. We will not ring you up and hassle you about your quotation at all, unlike a lot of places. We feel if you like what you see and the cost is within your budget, you will be back in touch with us. If you decide to buy your new kitchen from somewhere else we wish you all the best and hope any advice we gave you was of some use.

Our showroom is open Monday to Friday 9:30 till 5:30 and Saturdays 10:00 till 3:30.

On Saturdays we operate a first come first served policy due to the high number of visitors we get come to the showroom, we tend to be most busy at around dinner time, Although we are busy all day and do tend to have at least one set of customers waiting to be seen most of the day. If you require us to go through your plans and give you some guidance and help with your design we would always recommend coming Monday to Friday as Saturdays can be extremely busy although don’t be put off if you can only come on a Saturday, we will offer you the best service any day of the week!

I hope the information provided above has been informative and helpful, hopefully now you feel like you know what we are about as a company and the services we can provide you with as a customer. We hope are we a company you feel you would like to business with or recommend us to a friend or family member. Good luck with your new kitchen!

Kind regards, Daniel & Simon Beadle, Director Kitchen Warehouse UK LTD