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Cream Kitchens

Cream, and Porcelain kitchens are some ofthe most popular colours we offer. The neutral tones really go well in most rooms and offer a bright and airy space when completed. Tailored for homeowners seeking to enhance their living spaces, our collection showcases the latest trends in kitchen design. These neutral palettes not only brighten your home but also offer unmatched flexibility in complementing various decor styles. Take a look below to see our White, Cream and Porcelain kitchens on offer.

Cream Kitchens

Modern shaker ivory kitchen blending classic design with contemporary aesthetics in kitchen layouts
Sleek handleless high gloss cream kitchen offering a minimalist and modern look to enhance spaciousness
Aldana solid wood ivory kitchen featuring robust construction and a timeless style for a luxurious kitchen atmosphere
Elegant Madison solid wood ivory kitchen with a durable build and classic design, perfect for a refined home
Jefferson solid wood ivory kitchen combining strength and style for a warm, welcoming kitchen environment
Wakefield solid wood ivory kitchen highlighting traditional craftsmanship and modern appeal

For those who love the idea of a light kitchen but prefer a warmer tone, cream kitchens offer a soft richness that brings a cosy, welcoming feel to the space. Cream kitchen doors and units from Kitchen Warehouse UK provide a subtle elegance that complements a variety of decorating styles, from rustic to contemporary. Like white, cream is versatile and timeless, making it a wise investment for your home.

Porcelain Kitchens

Handleless high gloss porcelain kitchens offering a sleek, reflective finish that enhances modern kitchen spaces
Handleless matt porcelain kitchens featuring a sophisticated, understated look for contemporary designs
Modern shaker porcelain kitchens combining timeless shaker style with a fresh porcelain finish
Signature smooth porcelain kitchens exuding elegance with a seamless finish and clean lines
Aldana solid wood porcelain kitchens showcasing durable craftsmanship with a chic porcelain touch
Mock inframe Arrington porcelain kitchens styled to offer a bespoke look with the durability of porcelain
Mock inframe Jacobsen porcelain kitchens with a unique frame design for a sophisticated kitchen aesthetic
Mock inframe Winslow porcelain kitchens providing a classic inframe style with a modern porcelain finish
Florence porcelain smooth shaker kitchens blending shaker simplicity with the elegance of smooth porcelain
Georgia porcelain smooth shaker kitchens offering a harmonious mix of traditional design and modern materials

Porcelain kitchens offer a slightly cooler tone than cream but retain the light-reflective qualities that make white kitchens so popular. This subtle, sophisticated shade adds a touch of understated elegance to any kitchen, bridging the gap between pure white and cream with style. Porcelain kitchen units and doors are perfect for those seeking a unique yet understated look in their kitchen design.

Cream and Porcelain kitchens are more than just a classic choice - they’re a smart choice for both modern and traditional homes. An all-light space not only reflects a clean and minimalist environment but also enhances the perception of space. A neutral kitchen also offers the following benefits:

Timeless appeal: These kitchens never goes out of style, ensuring your kitchen design remains relevant and elegant for years to come. Light cabinets and white walls contribute significantly to this timeless aesthetic, providing a neutral backdrop that complements various finishes and personal styles.

Versatility: Light kitchens serve as a blank canvas, allowing you to accessorise with bold colours or keep it minimal and sophisticated. Elegant worktops can enhance the style by adding texture-rich materials to the space.

Enhanced brightness: Cream and Porcelain surfaces reflect light, naturally brightening up your kitchen space, which is especially beneficial for smaller or darker rooms. The inclusion of stainless steel appliances can further complement the white colour scheme, blending seamlessly and adding to the kitchen's practical benefits.

Increased Home Value: A white kitchen can boost your home’s resale value as it appeals to a wide range of prospective buyers instead of having a bold and vibrant colour which is not always to everyones taste!

White Kitchens are the lightest of the three colours and generally the brightest kitchens you can go for. Moving onto the Porcelain kitchens which are slightly off white leaning more towards ivory and cream. These give a slightly warmer tone in the space. Cream Kitchens are a warmer tone again and can lean more towards a traditional style when using a shaker style.

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