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Flat Pack Kitchens Guide

All of our kitchen units and doors are delivered to you as flatpack kitchens. All of our flat pack kitchen cabinets are straightforward to assemble, soft-closing, and made to the highest standards.

All of the flatpack kitchen units we supply are made to order, with orders over £1,000 delivered free of charge. Smaller orders incur a £60 delivery charge.

Given that cheap kitchen units with a flat pack design are gaining popularity thanks to their convenience and accessibility, it’s only natural to consider Kitchen Warehouse UK when planning your dream kitchen.

Here are some core benefits of purchasing our cheap flat pack kitchens:

  • Budget-friendly. Our flatpack kitchen units are highly affordable with high-quality construction guaranteed throughout all ranges.
  • Easy to transport. Flatpack kitchen units are easy to transport thanks to their compact packaging.
  • Multiple applications. Our flat pack products don’t necessarily need to be used in a kitchen area. They can be used to upgrade bathrooms, laundry rooms, utility rooms, and more.
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Guarantees & Warranties

We uphold transparency and openness with our services to all our clients. This is reflected in our warranties, making sure that customers will get peace of mind with their purchases.

We offer up to:

5 years warranty for flatpack kitchen cupboards and cabinets; 7 years for kitchen doors; 10 years for most kitchen mechanisms; 25 years for all hinges and drawers.

If you encounter an issues, here’s what to do:

  • Check the item. In case you are missing any pieces, or it has been damaged, make a note of it.
  • Take photos. Take clear pictures of any damages or scratches.
  • Contact us. Send us a message, along with the issue and pictures you’ve taken.
Flat Pack Kitchens

Tips To Get A Quality Flat Pack Kitchen Installation

  • Hire a professional kitchen fitter. Make sure to hire an experienced kitchen fitter if you are not confident to fit the units yourself.
  • Mind the gaps. Most flatpacks are made up of modules. Center the modules along a wall to make sure that it works in your space, avoiding leaving gaps at one end.
  • Maximise the cover plates provided. A flat pack package will often come with many cover plates for hinges and screw holes. It’s essential to use all of them as much as possible to avoid gaps.
  • Modify units for custom solutions. The installer can always adjust the product to fit your space. Keep in mind only the cabinet depth can be modified, not the width.

Benefits Of Getting A Flat Pack Kitchen

Are you wondering about the advantages of a ready-to-assemble kitchen? Then check this out.

  • Timing. You can install the flatpack anywhere you like and assemble it at your own pace.
  • Do-It-Yourself Kitchen. You have the freedom to choose whether to do the assembling yourself or ask a professional to do it for you. Assembling by yourself is perfectly viable, as the package will come with a detailed manual.
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble. Flatpack kitchens are very convenient to set up, giving you a functional piece of furniture in a short amount of time.
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Guide To Assembling Flat-Pack Furniture

Below is a step-by-step process in assembling flatpack kitchen cabinets:

  • Unpack the furniture. Lay out all of the parts that come with the flatpack package on a carpet.
  • Get all the components together. Using the manual, sort out the parts and check if these are complete. In case something is missing, look inside the box again or contact the seller if you couldn’t find it.
  • Find the base. Begin with the base panel by adding the fixed feet first. Make sure to build tall units on their backs to make the assembling more straightforward.
  • Connecting side panels. Get the first side panel and connect it to the base panel. Do this on the second side panel as well to make a three-sided box.
  • Cover plates. Many fixings come with cover plates, which match the colour of the wood or veneer of the finished item. Make sure to make the most of these and fit them correctly on the furniture.

If you are looking to buy flat pack kitchen cabinets, visit our store now! We have a wide range of excellent and affordable units to choose from to make your perfect kitchen.

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