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Grey Kitchens

Explore the sleek sophistication of grey kitchens at Kitchen Warehouse UK. Grey kitchens are very on trend, reflecting their popularity and the modern choice they represent for homeowners. Our diverse range of grey kitchen doors and units offers everything from subtle light greys to dramatic dark tones, making it easy to find the perfect match for your style and space. Grey kitchens provide a contemporary look that complements any modern home, combining functionality with stunning aesthetics. Whether you’re updating your kitchen or starting from scratch, our grey kitchen solutions ensure a stylish and practical cooking environment, with quick delivery options across the UK.

Light Grey Kitchens

Gloss acrylic light grey kitchens offering a polished, contemporary feel with easy maintenance
Matt acrylic light grey kitchens providing a muted elegance with a modern twist
Matt textured driftwood kitchens featuring a unique grain texture for a natural, organic ambiance
Matt textured light concrete kitchens embracing an industrial aesthetic with a smooth finish
Handleless high gloss light grey kitchens exuding minimalist chic with seamless functionality
Handleless matt light grey kitchens for a subtle and sophisticated style in a modern space
Handleless solid wood light grey kitchens blending the warmth of wood with a contemporary light grey palette
Modern shaker light grey kitchens updating the classic shaker style with a versatile grey shade
Signature smooth dove grey kitchens presenting a soft, neutral elegance for a tranquil kitchens setting
Luxury shaker dove grey kitchens combining timeless design with a serene grey tone
Aldana solid wood light grey kitchens showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and muted grey charm
Madison solid wood light grey kitchens offering robust construction and a sleek, light grey hue
Jefferson solid wood light grey kitchens bringing a blend of traditional structure and gentle grey tones
Wakefield solid wood light grey kitchens highlighting artisanal quality in a contemporary grey finish
Mock inframe Arrington light grey kitchens designed to imitate a bespoke frame in a versatile light grey
Mock inframe Jacobsen light grey kitchens with a tailored frame look and modern grey sophistication
Mock inframe Winslow light grey kitchens combining classic inframe style with a modern grey elegance
Florence light grey smooth shaker kitchens merging traditional shaker design with a chic light grey finish
Georgia light grey smooth shaker kitchens offering a harmonious combination of classic lines and light grey serenity
High gloss light grey kitchens reflecting a sleek, modern look with a lustrous finish

Light grey kitchens are ideal for creating a bright and airy space. They reflect more light than darker shades, making them perfect for smaller or less naturally lit areas. Light grey units and doors can be paired with almost any decor style, enhancing the space without overwhelming it with colour. To maintain a cool, airy feel without appearing sterile, consider incorporating warm accents like copper handgrips with a warm undertone to balance the coolness.

Mid Grey Kitchens

Matt acrylic dust grey kitchens boasting a chic, velvety finish for contemporary kitchens elegance
High gloss dust grey kitchens with a reflective finish that adds depth and modernity to the space
Handleless matt dust grey kitchens featuring a smooth finish for a subtle and sophisticated kitchens design
Handleless solid wood dust grey kitchens merging the warmth of wood with a modern dust grey tone
Modern shaker dust grey kitchens updating the timeless shaker style with a robust mid-grey palette
Signature smooth dust grey kitchens providing a sleek and uniform finish for an understated kitchens aesthetic
Luxury shaker dust grey kitchens combining the classic shaker look with a luxurious dust grey shade
Aldana solid wood dust grey kitchens with exceptional craftsmanship and a stylish, muted grey finish
Madison solid wood dust grey kitchens embodying solid construction with a sophisticated grey hue
Jefferson solid wood dust grey kitchens featuring a classic design with a contemporary grey twist
Wakefield solid wood dust grey kitchens showcasing artisanal quality in a sleek dust grey colorway
Mock inframe Jacobsen dust grey kitchens designed to give a tailored, built-in appearance in a deep grey hue
Mock inframe Winslow dust grey kitchens with a classic frame style accentuated by a modern dust grey finish
Florence dust grey smooth shaker kitchens blending shaker simplicity with the modernity of a smooth dust grey finish
Georgia dust grey smooth shaker kitchens offering a combination of traditional design and mid-grey modernity

Mid grey offers a perfect balance between light and dark, providing a neutral yet impactful colour option for your kitchen. This shade works well in medium to large kitchens, offering flexibility in styling and decor. Mid grey kitchens can seamlessly incorporate both contemporary and classic elements.

Dark Grey Kitchens

Handleless solid wood graphite kitchens showcasing a fusion of contemporary style and the natural beauty of wood
Modern shaker graphite kitchens updating the traditional shaker with a chic and dramatic graphite finish
Luxury shaker graphite kitchens offering a timeless design enriched with a luxurious dark grey hue
Aldana solid wood graphite kitchens with detailed craftsmanship and an elegant, moody grey aesthetic
Madison solid wood graphite kitchens featuring sturdy construction and a statement dark grey shade
Jefferson solid wood graphite kitchens combining robust design with the sophistication of graphite grey
Wakefield solid wood graphite kitchens highlighting artisanal workmanship in a striking graphite finish
Mock inframe Arrington dust grey kitchens designed to mimic a custom inframe look in a versatile dark grey
Florence graphite smooth shaker kitchens blending the simplicity of shaker style with the contemporary edge of graphite
Georgia graphite smooth shaker kitchens presenting a sleek mix of classic shaker design in a deep graphite tone

Dark grey kitchens bring depth and sophistication to your cooking space. Ideal for larger kitchens or open-plan living areas, dark grey makes a bold statement and pairs beautifully with high-contrast light worktops or metallic accents. This shade adds an element of luxury and is increasingly popular in modern kitchen designs. Choosing the right wall colours can enhance the depth and sophistication of dark grey kitchens, with options ranging from blush pink walls for a feminine feel to dark grey walls for a high-contrast scheme.

Anthracite Kitchens

Handleless high gloss anthracite kitchens offering a sleek, reflective surface for a bold, contemporary aesthetic
Handleless matt anthracite kitchens providing a subtle yet striking matte finish for an ultra-modern look
Signature smooth graphite kitchens exuding a chic, monochrome style with a silky, graphite finish
High gloss anthracite kitchens designed to reflect light for a dramatic and sophisticated kitchen environment
Gloss acrylic metallic charcoal kitchens showcasing a lustrous finish that adds depth and luxury to the space

Anthracite, a deep, rich grey, is almost black, providing an intense and striking look for any kitchen. It’s perfect for those looking to make a dramatic design statement. Anthracite kitchen doors and units reflect a strong, distinctive style that pairs exceptionally well with bright or metallic hardware and marble or quartz worktops for a chic, industrial feel.

Why Choose a Grey Kitchen? Grey is the go-to colour for contemporary kitchen design, offering both beauty and versatility. Here’s why a grey kitchen could be the right choice for you: Modern Appeal: Grey kitchens have a modern and clean look that’s perfect for the heart of a contemporary home. Neutral Base: Grey acts as a neutral base, allowing you to add pops of colour through accessories or keep a monochrome elegance. Wide Range of Shades: From light to dark, grey offers a variety of shades that can either brighten a space or give it a bold, dramatic flair, making it easier for anyone to achieve their dream kitchen. Durability and Style: Our grey kitchen doors and units are designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use while maintaining their stylish appearance.

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Dive into the versatility and elegance of grey kitchens at Kitchen Warehouse UK and discover how these stylish units can transform your home into a modern culinary oasis.