Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we have previously looked at the average price of a new whole kitchen, but what is the average cost of a full set of kitchen appliances?

When it comes to budgeting and working out what you need for a new kitchen, many people don’t think about how the cost of kitchen appliances could affect this total. The list of things to consider is already endless! Including:

However, kitchen appliances or accessories such as a new fridge, cooker or microwave that can make your kitchen feel like new are often forgotten about. If you are thinking of upgrading your kitchen appliances, then read on to see our guide on what you should expect the average cost of kitchen appliances to come to.

Set Your Budget First

Many people are left disappointed when they go to buy new appliances, as they haven’t budgeted properly leaving them with less than they hoped for. It could also be the case that they have spent all their money on just one or two appliances and cannot afford anything else, as a really good quality fridge can set you back around £1,000 for example.

We recommend that you set your budget before you look at any applications so you can work out what you can potentially purchase before doing so. This means you will be able to get all (or most of) the appliances you want within your price range.

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Top of the Range v Low-Cost Appliances

A costly option does not always mean that it is the best choice out there. Some people opt for the most expensive kitchen appliances because, well, is that not an indicator that they are the best? Not always!

Obviously there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration. For example, the capacity of the cooker, extra features or what specifications you require for your home goes for all appliances.

Do you really need to spend an excessive amount on an appliance or kitchen sink, when a cheaper model has the same features? Sometimes low-cost appliances will suit you better and will allow your budget to stretch further, win-win!

What Is the Average Cost of a Full Set of Kitchen Appliances?

As always, this depends on your requirements as you might not need to by every appliance for your kitchen. That being said, expect to budget between £2,000-£2,500 for a complete set of new kitchen appliances.

Depending on what sales are on, what you actually need and how far you can make your budget go, you could potentially kit out your home for less than this but for most homeowners, this is a good ballpark figure to aim for.

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