You’ve organised the room and transformed the layout, but still your small kitchen looks cramped. A lack of space in the kitchen is a common complaint among householders. However, with these tips and tricks you can soon change the look of the room to make it appear more spacious and welcome.

Tip 1: Maximise your storage space

When space is at a premium, maximising your storage room is essential, and your options aren’t as limited as you might think.

You could go for open storage. This way will avoid a closed in look, which can be a problem for small rooms.

Make the most of your hidden storage areas. Shelving inside cupboard doors, gaps in between units or under the table space are all areas that you could use for storage kitchen items.

High or suspended shelving units can be a real space saver but be careful how you organise them as too many items out on display will give the appearance of clutter.

Or you can go with curved kitchen units or slimline storage. Look for options that are slim and tall as this will help give the appearance of length to the room.

Tip2: Choose colours carefully

It’s often recommended that homeowners decorate smaller rooms white for an airy feel. And when combined with the right lighting it will certainly make the room appear bigger and brighter. Nevertheless, white is not your only option.

Block colours in lighter shades also work well. Think pastel colours like pale blues, pinks and primrose yellows, and don’t just limit lighter colours to the décor. Choose cabinets in brighter shades for a complimentary finish that enhances the entire room.

Don’t rule out dark colours. Although lighter hues are preferable, dark colours give a feeling of depth.

Tip 3: Find simple ways to bring in light

Chances are there’s plenty of darkened corners in the kitchen that could easily be lit up. Consider LED under the counter lights for under units. Up lights or wall lights will lighten dark in tight corners of the room.

Remove curtains and blinds to let the natural light flood in and consider patio style doors. Patio style doors with clear glass and white painted frames can really open up a room, making it appear larger.

Tip 4: Consider getting a kitchen island

average cost of a new kitchen

A kitchen island with chairs is a good alternative to a table. It will give you additional storage space for kitchen essentials. Additionally, it will act as a central hub for friends and family for meals, socialising or just relaxing at the end of a long day.

Tip 5: Clear the Unit tops

kitchen cupboards

Leaving saucepans, herbs and mugs out on the unit tops makes it quicker to grab them when you’re in a rush. However, this makes the kitchen appear cluttered and less spacious. Instead, make better use of your room by attaching herb racks to a wall or inside a cupboard door.

Use a mug tree for cups that might otherwise be left out, and stack saucepans in a rack, or pack them away in one of the kitchen units.

Tip 6: High gloss. mirrored or glass cabinets

Reflective light is another simple way of giving a small room a sense of space. You can achieve this by using, high gloss, mirrored or glass cabinet doors, or fitting mirrored or glass table tops and counters.

If you’re not keen on the mirrored unit look, then just fitting one or two small mirrors in the kitchen can have a similar effect.

Tip 7: Choose the right lighting

The right lighting doesn’t just create a good ambience, it makes a small kitchen look roomier.  And there are several lighting choices you could consider.

Although they’ve gone out of fashion to a great extent, strip lights can work well. Alternatively, LED bulbs are much brighter than some other forms of lighting, and potentially, they’ll save you some money on your electrical bills too.

Tip 8: Pick the right flooring

Don’t forget flooring. Small tiles don’t work in tiny kitchens. If you want a feeling of openness, then you’ll want large tiles in a light colour.

Again, white’s a good choice, or you could go for fresh pastel shades. Whichever colour you choose, make sure the titles are easy to clean and maintain.

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