Feeling fed up with your kitchen but worried that you cannot make changes without spending a lot of money? Never fear, there are some great ways that you can update your kitchen on a budget.

Generally, our kitchens are one of the most used rooms of the home, so it’s no wonder that for many homeowners it’s a space that we want to keep looking as good as possible.

You may have fallen out of love with the look of your kitchen cabinets, or perhaps you inherited a kitchen not to your style when you moved in? Or it may be a case of good old fashioned wear and tear meaning that your kitchen is no longer looking it’s best.

No matter what your reason for wanting to update your kitchen, we give you ideas on how to do it at a minimal cost.


Update Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

With cabinets making up the majority of the space in the kitchen, it’s no wonder that if they are looking tired or damaged that it can bring down the aesthetic of the room, even if other areas, such as the worktop and tiling are still looking great.

Kitchen doors often suffer the most wear and tear, after all, we are accessing the cabinets on a daily basis, ad they can even become dull or lose colour if they are in direct sunlight.

The good news is – if your kitchen carcasses are generally in good condition, you can choose to replace your kitchen cabinet doors rather than entire units, which keeps the cost down.

Replacing your kitchen doors can be a fantastic way to modernise the look of your space without the need for a fully new kitchen installation.


clever kitchen storageAdd storage to your kitchen

In some cases, while the kitchen units themselves may still be looking great, your kitchen is starting to feel overcrowded. One of the keys to having a kitchen that looks great is having clear worktops and visible areas.

Often as our family grows, or we start to accumulate more and more kitchen gadgets, utensils etc the kitchen can start to look cluttered, which then leads to a cramped feel.

If this is the case, adding clever storage solutions can help to get your kitchen back to looking it’s best. If you have cupboards with “wasted space” consider adding mechanisms which allow for better access. Adding overhead units in dead spaces can also help you to clear up the clutter.


Replace Brass wear

Amazingly sometimes it just takes a few tweaks to make your kitchen feel like a brand new space. Little touches like your kitchen handles can sometimes be the difference between a kitchen that looks completely contemporary, or more traditional.

Consider a shaker kitchen. Finished off with a modern metallic kitchen cupboard handle it brings the shaker look right up to date. However for those who prefer a more rustic look – adding an older style rounded porcelain handle can provide that country-house chic.

Additionally, little touches such as replacing socket covers and light switches with brushed steel instead of a white cover can make your kitchen look more contemporary without breaking the bank.

Finding a cheap kitchen supplier

Sometimes we do have to bite the bullet and decide that a brand new kitchen is needed. However, if you are working on a tight budget, choosing the right supplier is a must.

Kitchens made of super cheap materials are a false economy as they aren’t built to last, and will therefore need replacing far sooner than a kitchen built of quality materials.

On the other hand, many kitchen companies add on additional costs within the supply chain.

Buying directly from Kitchen Warehouse saves you money, as you are buying directly from our warehouse without the markup added by other kitchen companies.

What’s more we deliver your kitchen ready for you to install and with full instructions, so in many cases you can just update your kitchen without the need to pay for a kitchen fitter.

Browse our huge range of kitchen cupboards and full units and you’re sure to find your perfect new kitchen at a budget that suits you.